10th Edition of the 3D-ARCH Workshop

The Siena 3D-ARCH24 Workshop, now in its 10th year, concluded on Feb. 23, 2024.

The three-day workshop (Feb. 21-23) was held at the University of Siena and organized by Stefano Campana (Landscape Archaeology & Remote Sensing LAB), Fabio Remondino of the 3DOM, Bruno Kessler Foundation of Trento, and Francesco Fassi of the 3DSurvey Group of ABC dep. of Politecnico di Milano. As per tradition, the workshop was under the umbrella of CIPA Heritage Documentation and ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing). Many sponsors supported the event, such as Gexcel srl, 5D Culture, Inception, QPnova, Leica Geosystems, Microgeo, Dynatech and MDPI Heritage

The 120 participants coming from 12 states (some as far away as Korea, Japan, and Malaysia) had the possibility to experience three intense days of discussion and debate between oral presentations, an open poster session throughout the conference, and a very interesting demo session.

We were privileged to have two esteemed speakers share their insights. Geert J. Verhoeven (University of Vienna, Austria) delivered a thought-provoking talk on “Parasitic pixels – How cameras (and their settings)   can jeopardise image-based 3D modelling”, enlightening us on the potential pitfalls in our works and alerting us to how poor photography or hasty settings can negatively affect a photogrammetric survey. Jonathan Westin (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) shared his fantastic and challenging experience in Antarctica, describing an extreme digitization activity titled: “Digitizing Sensitive Heritage Monuments in Antarctica”.

63 are the published articles in the ISPRS Arch. Phot., Rem. Sens. & SIS that you can reach here: https://isprs-archives.copernicus.org/articles/XLVIII-2-W4-2024/

Extended papers presented by the conference can be sent for publication in the special issue “Towards Intelligent Digital Heritage: From Latest Digital Survey Techniques to Advanced 3D Data Analytics and Use” published by MDPI Heritage.