Proceedings of CIPA Symposium 14

Delphi (Greece)
2-5 October 1991

Download the complete proceedings volume here. The correct reference for this volume is:

Badekas, J., Georgopoulos, A. (Eds.), 1991. Proceedings of the CIPA XIV International Symposium: Architectural photogrammetry & information systems (2-5 October 1991, Delphi, Greece). Technical Chamber of Greece, Athens, 366 pp. ISBN: 960-7018-28-1

Below, all the individual papers are listed for download.

An integrated Photogrammetry and CAD system applied to the restoration of a seventeenth century house
F.G. Aldsworth

Analytical photogrammetry and computer graphic representation: Comparative analysis between different systems on the city walls of Cittadella (Padua, Italy)
L. Baratin, C. di Thiene

Rectified image measuring system by analysis of perspective for old centers restorations
M. Fondelli, R. di Stefano, A. di Stefano, R.A. Genovese, A. Cabrucci, G. Capanni, F. Flamigni, A. Coppola

Development of a digital system for architectural photogrammetry
A. Streilein, H.A. Beyer

A digitized information system for the documentation of monuments
A.G. Badellas, I.D. Doukas, P.D. Savaidis

Documentation of castles in a special GIS
C. Potsiou, C. Ioannidis, J. Badekas

The implementation of a vector GIS to the survey of a castle
G. Mavrelis, V. Pritzios, E. Vozikis, A. Georgopoulos

TEBIAS – Terrestrial single model evaluation with the analytical stereoplotter DICOMAT
T. Kludas

An enhancement of the DLT method for architectural photogrammetry applications
D. Th. Panagiotidis

Reseau cameras for architectural photogrammetry
J. Peipe

Architectural photogrammetry goes to the digital darkroom
P. Patias

VMAP/SGS. A video analytical plotter for efficient and low-cost soltions for architectural photogrammetry
V.A. Tsivos, D. Kotouzas

Accuracy improvement for analogue evaluation of semimetric stereopairs
A. Boroń, J. Jachimski

“STEREOBIT/20” and “RESEAU”: A new photogrammetric analytical system for semimetric images. Theory and software
C. Cambrusano, S. Dequal, C. Zonca

“STEREOBIT/20” and “RESEAU”: A new photogrammetric analytical system for semimetric images. Image acquisition and practical examples
G. Comoglio, G. Malan, F. Rinaudo

Two examples of non-conventional photogrammetric techniques: The Nativity’s interior facade and the Spire of St. Barnaba’s bell tower in the Sagrada Famillia-Barcelona
P. Clini, G. Fangi

Small-format aerial and dose-range survey of archaeological and historic sites and buildings
F.U. Cocke

The Otranto mosaic floor: Ten years of photogrammetric survey
M. Minchilli

Photo-pair design optimization in architectural photogrammetric surveys
P.A. Dimanidis

Simplified methods in architectural photogrammetry
A. Almagro

Analytical photographic rectification: The walled city of Citadella (Padua, Italy)
F. Guerra, C. Trevisan

The employment of processing in digital form of image in photogrammetry, for reading the church estate
P. Grimaldi

Combining a theodolite-based measurement system and stereophotogrammetry for the recording of Herrenchiemsee Palace
M. Korte, J. Peipe

A test object for architectural Photogrammetry: Otto Wagner’s underground station Karlsplarz in Vienna
P. Waldhausl

The Hall of the Fountain in the Zisa’s Palace and the Palatina Chapel in the Norman Palace (Plaermo). Graph-numerical data bank and image data base to run and use different methods of survey
R. Brumana

Redevelopment of a quarter with support of architectural and subsurface photogrammetry
M. Eichholz, J. Heckes, L Mauelshagen, K. Möhrke, U. Seebacher

Analisi e rilievo di sisterni tradizionali in muratura nelle aree archeologiche romano-laziali
S. Gizzi

A new software for the solution of control networks in close range photogrammetry
G. Vassena

The lconometric Model
R. Carlucci

Photogrammetric study of curved surfaces of monuments. Examples of the historical center of Mystra
E. Patmios