Video Contest: Shaping the Future of Cultural Heritage

The CIPA HD symposium held in Florence last June featured an engaging video contest centered around the theme, “How can we shape the future with humanities and digital technologies for Cultural Heritage?” This thought-provoking contest attracted a total of 10 participants who presented their creative interpretations and ideas through captivating videos. With 733 votes received via the official symposium WebApp, the contest showcased the remarkable potential of combining humanities and digital technologies to preserve and promote cultural heritage. Below, we present the top three videos that exemplified the future possibilities in this exciting field, with the winning video embedded for your viewing pleasure.

  1. “A Journey to the Land of Sumer – The Role of Artefacts 3D Digital Replicas in Museum Dissemination Videos” by G. Patrucco, F. Giulio Tonolo, A. Spanò, C. Lippolis, E. Quirico, and V. Pelissero (251 votes)
  2. “Revealing the Past with Humanities and Digital Technologies. Kapayuwanan, Indigenous Settlements (Taiwan)” by Huei-Min Lu, Liang-Chu Yao, Jun-Tin Lin, Susan Siru Liu (205 votes)
  3. “Turin 1911 Reborn in a 3D Platform Through the Power of Digital Technologies” by A. Spreafico, F. Chiabrando, C. Della Coletta (165 votes)

Additionally, we invite you to watch the winning video, “A Journey to the Land of Sumer,” which garnered the highest number of votes and exemplifies the remarkable intersection of humanities and digital technologies in cultural heritage preservation.