ICOMOS Board Elections

In October 2020, the 20th ICOMOS General Assembly and Scientific Symposium would have taken place in Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately COVID-19 determined otherwise. The “ICOMOS GA2020 Marker Event” took place to acknowledge the excellent work and support of the ICOMOS organizer team. The ICOMOS 21st General Assembly and Scientific Symposium will be held on 31 August – 09 September 2023 in Sydney, Australia. 

Under normal conditions, during the GA elections take place for the new ICOMOS board. Given the situation, for the first time it was held online (from December 3th-4th and December 7th-8th). CIPA Heritage Documentation is pleased to inform you that two of its former presidents were elected, i.e. Andreas Georgopoulos and Mario Santana. The latter will also take the role of Secretary General. Needless to say that we are very proud. We would like to express our sincere congratulations and wish you a very productive term!


More information can be found on the ICOMOS webpage:



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