CIPA 2019 Ávila

The 27th international CIPA symposium will take place in Ávila (Spain) from the 1st to the 5th of September 2019. This symposium will be the second international congress that CIPA-ICOMOS celebrates in Spain after twenty-seven years. Feel welcome to join nearly half a thousand experts in cultural heritage documentation and conservation.

The main aims of this 27th international CIPA symposium are:

  • to meet experts on heritage documentation from other countries;
  • to develop an interdisciplinary platform for exchanging experiences and fostering the communication (bridging the gap) between data users and data providers;
  • to encourage and promote the development of principles and good practices for recording, documentation and information management of cultural heritage;
  • to provide international sessions for conservation and IT professionals, students and site personnel with tutorials during the Symposium;
  • to involve government bodies, regional authorities, non-profit groups and institutions on tools, technology and methods for using technology;
  • to reinforce CIPA’s international network of professionals in both the fields of technology and cultural heritage for scientific research but also applied practical experience;
  • to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, best practices as well as scientific research papers.

More information about this symposium can be found on the official webpage.