2nd Digital Heritage Best Practice Competition

The 5th International Symposium on Cultural Heritage Conservation and Digitization (CHCD 2018) is launching the 2nd Digital Heritage Best Practice Competition to promote the relationship between digital heritage and the advancement of cultural heritage business and technology with regard to product innovation, production, and application.

The competition will bring together specialists from academia, technology and the industry and provide a professional platform to explore new ways of cultural heritage conservation and digitisation and of innovative cross-disciplinary cooperation. This will allow integration of cultural heritage preservation into the global, national, and local industrial development systems and advance the development of their cooperation.

Projects may focus on all different aspects of digital cultural heritage, such as digital information acquisition and documentation, digital art, architecture, and archaeology research, cultural heritage digitisation management, cultural heritage digitisation visualisation and interpretation, new media and information distribution channels and, cultural heritage digitisation production, cultural heritage product research, and smart museums.

Awards will be given in the following categories:

  1. Best Practice Award;
  2. Creativity Award;
  3. Technological Innovation Award.

The winning projects will be shown in the “Digital Heritage Exhibition” during the September event.

The submission deadline is 15 July 2018.

More information about these awards can be found in the following document.

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