Geomatics and Restoration: Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the Digital Era – Conference

From 19-21 May 2017,  AUTEC – the Academic Association of Topography and Cartography, SIRA – Academic Association of Architectural Restoration, and IGMI – Italian Geographic Military Institute are organizing the 1st International Conference on “Geomatics and Restoration: Conservation of Cultural Heritage in the Digital Era”. The conference is supported by ISPRS (WG V/1, WG V/2 WG II/8) and CIPA Heritage Documentation.

Contributions in the form of papers and short multimedia presentations should follow these topics:

  1. Documentation of monumental complexes
  2. The use of digital images in visible and not-visible ranges
  3. Thematic data documenting pathologies, materials, decay, data georeferencing
  4. Risk and resilience
  5. HBIM for management and maintenance
  6. Digital and physical replicas – augmented reality, virtual restoration
  7. Education: courses, workshops, summer schools…. developing new professional skills
  8. The relationship between recording and design processing
  9. Communication

The event will also include a PhD workshop devoted to young researchers and fellows in order to establish contacts between geomatics and restorers, to discuss and to interchange ideas about Cultural Heritage documentation.

More information about this workshop can be found on the official workshop web page: and in the following document: