Proceedings of CIPA Symposium 17

Olinda (Brazil)
3-6 October 1999

CIPA symposium 1999 – Opening address
P. Waldhäusl

Report of the task group 2 of CIPA 1997 – 1999 on “single images in conservation”
E. Karras, W. Schuhr

A system approach to conservation and cultural resources management. Photogrammetry as a base for designing documentation models
B. Lagerqvist

Virtual reality …a new tool for sustainable tourism and cultural heritage sites management
R. Letellier

The conservation of architectural heritage and historic cities in Brazil, with particular reference to the State of Minas Gerais and the city of Mariana
A. B. Caldeira

Using photo-models as a basis for an interactive three-dimensional information system
L. Dorffner

3D geometric and semantic modelling in historic sites
P. Grussenmeyer, M. Koehl, M. Nour El Din

Photogrammetric experience exchange between Brazil and Germany
H. Heckmann, F. E. Oliveira, C. Loch

High precision building documentation: element definition and data structuring
E. Heine

Administration examples for the usage of cultural heritage recordings
U. Herbig, G. Gmeinhart, M. Landerer

How real is your reality? Verisimilitude issues and metadata standards for the visualisation of cultural heritage
C. Ogleby

Digital photogrammetry integration possibilities to heritage record by an architectural information system
A. S. Hernán-Pérez, T. Morant de Diego, M. N. Pumar Carreras

Mural painting digital surveys
E. Murariu, f. Petrescu

Digital recording documentation and conservation for byzantine monuments using a PC-based SIS
A. D. Styliadis, I. G. Paraschakis

NCSD method applied to mechanical simulation of masonry in historical buildings using MOMA
V. Acary, J. Y. Blaise, P. Drap, M. Florenzano, S. Garrec, M. Jean, D. Merad

Photogrammetry for everybody
A. Almagro

Documentation of frescoes and mosaics. a complete approach
A. Anastasiou, A. Georgopoulos, G. N. Makris, N. Chatziparassidis

A photogrammetric survey using knowledge representation on the ARPENTEUR web-based photogrammetric workstation
P. Drap, P. Grussenmeyer, J. Y. Blaise

Documentation of Brazilian historical towns: high tech at low cost
H. P. Bähr, l. E. Renuncio, S. Landes, C. Loch, l. Simon, I. C. Braga

Experimental survey of the Arena in Verona
C. Balletti, F. Guerra, l. Pilot

Practical applications of architectural photogrammetry in the documentation of historical buildings and cities, for effective utilization by architects, planners and heritage preservation professionals
L. V. Baptista Borges, P. Atassi Borges

Metric documentation available on heritage
J. Debie

Fazendola de Echague (Estanzuela de Echague) monumento historico nacional – Santa Fe – Argentina
M. Gardiol, C. Tonini, Ma. Haidar, O. Paulin

“ARCA” project collecting data to know and preserve works of art: the sanctuary S. Damiano in Assisi
P. Grimaldi

Digital stereo plotting without 3D vision: an effective way in the architectural photogrammetry
J. H. Boquera, P. N. Esteve, J. L. C. Ginés, M. J. J. Martínez

The empress manor. A pioneer photogrammetric project in Brazil using the 3×3 rules
C. J. Martins Gomes, W. Da Silva Prado, H. Erwes, G. Dimenstein Koatz

A photogrammetric project in Brazil: the use of the PhotoModeler software
C. J. Martins Gomes, W. Da Silva Prado, H. Erwes, G. Dimenstein Koatz

The survey of the Palazzo della Ragione in Padova
C. Monti, F. Guerra, C. Balletti, G. Galeazzo

A new tool for architectural photogrammetry: the 3D navigator
S. Dequal, A. Lingua, F. Rinaudo

Development of a photo-realistic digital photogrammetry system
S. Kubo, W. Yan, M. Yonemura, N. Watanabe

Multi-image matching for architectural and archaeological orthoimage production
P. Patias, V. Tsioukas

High resolution digital cameras in architectural photogrammetry
J. Peipe

Documentation and internet presentation of cultural heritage using panoramic image technology
G. Pomaska

Assessment of laser scanning technology for change detection in buildings
E. Steinle, F. H. Oliveira, H.-P. Bähr, C. Loch

“Zurich City Hall”. A reference data set for digital close-range photogrammetry
A. Streilein, P. Grussenmeyer, K. Hanke

Fusion of photogrammetric and laser scanner data
A. Wehr, A. Wiedemann

Architectural photogrammetric studies in Turkey
Z. Alkis, A. Alkis

New methodologies for architectural photogrammetric survey
P. Boccardo, G. Comoglio

Anaglyph images – still a good way to look at 3D-objects?
M. Doneus, K. Hanke

Geometric operations in digital images
C. Monti, F. Guerra, C. Balletti, D. Miniutti

First experiences with the new digital camera Rollei d7 Metric
G. Pomaska

Spatial information for image segmentation
J. S. Centeno, M. Weindorf

3D modeling of real artistic objects with limited computers resources
A. Guarnieri, F. Marton, A. Vettore

The city map of ancient Carnuntum – Combining archaeological prospection, photogrammetry and GIS
M. Doneus, G. Scharrer

Detailed restitution and representation of the seaward castle of Chios
C. Ioannidis, C. Potsiou

Rapid photogrammetric survey and GIS documentation of pre-historic excavation sites
P. Patias, E. Stylianidis, V. Tsioukas, D. Gemenetzis

Photogrammetric survey of archaeological ceramics
P. Jansson, G. Macias, T. Morant, A. Sanjuán

Concept of a system for the computer-aided reconstruction of antique monuments
K. Schindler, H. Kager

Extracting ruins in Angkor region using satellite image data
N. Watanabe

O Caminho das Tropas
L. Dias de Oliveira

The photogrammetric survey of the “Res Gestae” in Ankara
P. Botteri, G. Fangi, C. Nardinocchi

The photogrammetric documentation of epigraphs with small format cameras
M. Jobst

Documentation, surveying, photogrammetry
W. Boehler, G. Heinz

An automatic web publishing package for complex data sets
S. Nickerson

3D object sensing with computer controlled rotating CCD cameras
H. Kahmen, A. De seixas

Integration of surveying methods for digital 3D solid model transcriptions of historical buildings
R. Warden

Geodetic and photogrammetric products just-in-time and at the site
A. Wiedemann, M. Döring, M. Hemmleb

Experiences of laser autoscanning for architecture: the Domus Aurea in Rome and the San Giovanni’s baptistery in Florence
G. Fangi, C. Nardinocchi

Requirements for the teaching of photogrammetric usable recordings
U. Herbig

A new application for rectifying metric photographs using graphic methods
J. H. Boquera, P. N. Hesteve, J. L. C. Génes, M. J. J. Martinez

Metric information from uncalibrated single images
G. E. Karras, E. Petsa

Single images in conservation
W. Schuhr, E. Kanngieser

Potential and limitation for the 3D documentation of cultural heritage from a single image
A. Streilein, F. A. van den heuvel

Semi-automatic correction of digital images of flat objects
A. L. Berberan

Digital rectification of historical images
M. Hemmleb

Construction of a Rosario digital rationalist heritage archive using an alternative method of perspective restitution
H. Lomónaco, C. Rainero