Proceedings of CIPA Symposium 22

Kyoto (Japan)
11 October – 15 October 2009

3D Reconstruction of the Historic Baalbek/Lebanon Based on Historical Aerial, Oblique and Terrestrial Photos
A. Alamouri, L. Gruendig

Low Cost Solutions for Dense Point Clouds of Small Objects: Photomodeler Scanner vs. David Laserscanner
E. Alby, E. Smigiel, P. Assali, P. Grussenmeyer, I. Kauffmann-Smigiel

The Church of San Pablo (Valladolid, Spain). The Selection of the Recording Techniques: Appropriateness, Suitability and Effectiveness for the Documentation of a Cultural Heritage Project
A. Almagro-vidal, G. Morate, P. Latorre

Drawing of Petroglyphs in Mongolia by Close Range Photogrammetry
C. Alyilmaz, M. Yakar, H. M. Yilmaz

Recording and Analysis System of Territorial Changes of Thessaloniki’s Refugee Settlements with the Use of Cartographic and Photogrammetric Products
S. Anastasios, G. Olga, P. Patias

Geodynamic Monitoring of Moscow Kemlin
A. Antipov, S. Skorokhvatov, V. Lobazov

The Excavation and the Conservation of Bilge Khan Monumental Grave Complex in Mongolia
H. Bahar

Research on Deformation Measurment Approaches to Bodhisattava Pavilion in Dule Temple
C. Bai, D. Yang

Integration of Digital Techniques for Three-dimensional Survey: The Case Study of the Baroque Church of “San Giovanni Decollato” in Turin (Italy)
M. Bocconcino, E. Marchis, P. Piumatti, M. Vitali

Integration of 3D Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry and Thermography to Record Archaeological Monuments
M. Cabrelles, S. Galcera, S. Navarro, J.L. Lerma, T. Akasheh, N. Haddad

Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Paleontologists: The Tautavel Cave
L. Chandelier, F. Roche

Applying Augmented Reality to Visualize the History of Traditional Architecture in Taiwan
C. Chen, M. Hsu, Y. Lee, K. Sun, Y. Lin, W. Lee

Comparative Study of the Cultural Heritages and Sociological Functions of Irrigation Ponds (Tameikes) in Taiwan and Japan
Y.C. Chen, K. Torii, T. Mitsuno, K.S. Cheng

Integration of Low Cost Geomatic Techniques to Support the Architectonical Project. The Perlo Castle Area Survey
F. Chiabrando, M.L. De Bernardi, S. Curetti

LiDAR Survey for Archaeological Knowledge. The Case of “Domus of Sector B” in Ventimiglia (Italy)
F. Chiabrando, M.L. De Bernardi, G.P. Martino, E. Garelli

New Method to Generate Excavation Charts by Openness Operators
F. Chiba, S. Yokoyama

The Metric Documentation of Villa Poiana by Andrea Palladio with Spherical Photogrammetry
P. Clini, G. Fangi

Terrestrial Waveform Laser Scanning for Documentation of Cultural Heritage
M. Doneus, M. Pfennigbauer, N. Studnicka, A. Ullrich

FAUCCAL: An Open Source Toolbox for Fully Automatic Camera Calibration
V. Douskos, L. Grammatikopoulos, I. Kalisperakis, G. Karras, E. Petsa

A New Method of Storage and Visualization for Massive Point Cloud Dataset
Z. Du, Q. Li

Detail-preservation 3-D Modelling for Elaborate Buddha Sculpture
Z. Du, T. Wang, G. Liu

To Signify, to Document, to Conserve
S.A. Elwazani

Three Dimensional Calibration Room Design and Application for Architectural Documentation Methods
B. Ergun, S. Kulur, A. Alkis, C. Sahin

GIS as a Tool for the Continuous Documentation: from the Restoration of the Holy Shroud Chapel in Turin to a Complete Management System
S. Esposito, F. Rinaudo

Further Developments of the Spherical Photogrammetry for Cultural Heritage
G. Fangi

An Agent-based Architecture for Large Virtual Landscapes
B. Fanini

Information Standards for Cultural Heritage with the ISO 191XX Series
Y. Fujimoto

Culture Landscape and GIS Database Construction on the Stone Culture in Takasago City, Japan
W. Fukui, T. Uozu

Construction and Integration of GIS Databases for Risk Assessment of Nationally Designated Cultural Properties Due to Earthquakes and Typhoons in Japan
Y. Futagami, M. Morii, T. Kumamoto

Conservation Criteria for Heritage in Evolution
J.A. Garcia-Esparza

Changes in the Traditional Architecture of Castellon, Spain. A Learning Experience
J.A. Garcia-Esparza, T. Pitarch Gallego, B. Lopez-Mesa

Capturing the Past and Present: Tools and Methodologies for 3D Modeling of Small Objects
C. Georgiadis, P. Patias, G. Stylianou

3D Modeling of Sille Aya-I Eleni Church with Laser Technology
A. Goktepe, H. Karabork, M. Yakar, F. Yildiz, E. Baygul

Application of Satellite Remote Sensing Techniques to Ancient Site Mapping: A Case Study of the Middle Euphrates Area, Syria
T. Goto, H. Hasegawa, K. Matsumoto

Laserscanning in Revitalization Projects for Historical Streets
A. Gulec Korumaz, F. Yildiz, L. Karasaka

Utilizing Cartographic Sources into GIS Case Study: Bursa Muradiye District
S. Günay

Spatial Microsimulation Modelling for Estimating Machiya Demolitions and the Preservation Policy Effects
K. Hanaoka

Laser Scanning of Streets in Pompeii
A. Hangai, Y. Hori, O. Ajioka

Surveying and Geoinformation – Contributions to an Interdisciplinary Special Research Program on the History of Mining Activities
K. Hanke, G. Hiebel, K. Kovacs, M. Moser

Towards a Sustainable Project for Architectural Heritage Conservation in Yemen
R. Héno

Seamless Usage of User’s Databases in Archaeological Database System
T. Hochin, F. Kobayashi, K. Tsuji, H. Nomiya

Visualization of Flood Control Histories Based on Past Geoinformation
Y. Honma, H. Chikatsu

Revising General Maps in the Light of Evidence Based on New Surveys in Pompeii and Ostia Using a Long-range Laser Scanner
Y. Hori, A. Hangai, O. Ajioka

Photogrammetry and Dense Stereo Matching Approach Applied to the Documentation of the Cultural Heritage Site of Kilwa (Saudi Arabia)
J.F. Hullo, P. Grussenmeyer, S. Fares

A Long-term Response to the Need to Make Modern Development and the Preservation of the Archaeo-cultural Record Mutually Compatible Operations: The GIS Contribution
M. Iacovou, E. Stylianidis, A. Sarris, A. Agapiou

GIS-based Monitoring Systems for Kyo-machiya in Kyoto City
T. Iizuka, A. Matsumoto, T. Seto, K. Yano

Reconstruction and Landscape Analysis of the Jupiter Sanctuary at Baalbek Using 3D CG
J. Ito, S. Sueyasu

Aerial and Remote Sensing Archaeology in Eastern Macedonia, Greece
D. Kaimaris, O. Georgoula, G. Karadedos, P. Patias

Reconstruction of Original Scenery for Landscape Evaluation Based on Airborne Laser Scanner Data
T. Kakiuchi, H. Chikatsu

A Field Museum Framework Using the Information and Communication Technologies -“TANOKAN(Outdoor Stone Statue) Project” in Japan-
H. Kamei, T. Hashimoto, T. Ako, A. Okamoto

Highly Detailed 3D Scanning of Ancient Coins
M. Kampel, S. Zambanini, M. Schlapke, B. Breuckmann

Application of a Low Cost Laser Scanner for Archaeology in Japan
A. Kaneda

Obtaining of Rolove for Some Historical Works of Art in the Ermenek (Karaman) Township by Photogrammetry
H. Karabork, M. Yakar, A. Goktepe, F. Yildiz

3D Modelling and Detail Drawing of Inceminare Medresseh by Digital Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning Method
L. Karasaka, M. Yakar, F. Yildiz, A.G. Korumaz, E. Karasaka

The Prospects and Possibilities of an Interactive Database for Information Sharing and Rebuilding for a Historical and Cultural Community – A Survey of the Diocese of Bui Chu, Vietnam
T. Katano, Y. Yamada

Record, Analysis and Documentation Using GIS Applications for the Institutional Protection of Enoria Settlement in Greece
P. Katerina, G. Olga, S. Aikaterini, S. Anastasios, K. Kiki

Aiming to Go beyond Archaeological Horizons: 3D Data of Pyramids and Their Interpretations
Y. Kawae, H. Kamei, K. Sato

A Study on the GPS Tracking Analysis for Information Management on Heritage Site
S. Kim, J. Kim

Applicability of 3D GIS to the View Preservation Policy of Kyoto City
T. Kirimura, K. Yano, H. Kawaguchi

Geometric Correction of Measured Historical Maps with a Pixel-oriented and Geobrowser-friendly Framework
A. Kitamoto, Y. Nishimura

Proposal for Documentation Guidelines Related to Digitization of Cultural Heritage
T. Kitaoka, N. Togiya

Virtual Campfire – Cultural Heritage Management and Presentation on Mobile Devices Based on Interoperable Cross Platform MPEG-7 Multimedia Web Services
R. Klamma, G. Toubekis, Y. Cao, D. Renzel, M. Jarke, M. Jansen

The Conservation Studies of a Destroyed Necropolis in the Western Part of Turkey by Means of Various Scientific Methods
O. Kocak

Development of System Providing Local Area Information Using Open Source WebGIS Technology
R. Komura, Y. Minamikawa

Comparison between Users’ Responses for Static 3D Model and VR Application in Zeyrek Urban Historic Site
T.K. Koramaz, N.Z. Gulersoy

Documentation of Traditional Wooden Ceiling in Traditional Turkish Architecture with Photogrammetric Method
M. Korumaz, A. Gulec Korumaz

3D Analysis and Evaluation for Landscape in National Park
Y. Kunii

Managing the Archaeological Risk through Virtual Reality
G. Landeschi, M. Carrozzino

Digital Modelling for Architectural ReconstructioN. The Case Study of the Chiesa Confraternita della Misericordia in Turin
M. Lo Turco, M. Sanna

Fourth Dimension for Representing and Communicating Architectural Heritage
M. Lo Turco, M. Sanna, R. Spallone

Site Catchment Analysis Applied to the Pastoral Landscape of Jebel Bishri in Syria by Using Quickbird Satellite Imagery and Aster-DEM Data
M. Lönnqvist, M. Torma, K. Lönnqvist, M. Nunez

Digital 3D Reconstruction Based on Analytic Interpretation of Relics: Case Study of Bam Citadel
M.R. Matini, A. Einifar, A. Kitamoto, K. Ono

Improvement of Archaeological Excavation Efficiency Using 3D Photography and Total Stations
K. Matsumoto, I. Ono

Multispectral Image Analysis for Bas-relief at the Inner Gallery of Bayon Temple
T. Morimoto, M. Chiba, Y. Katayama, K. Ikeuchi

Introducing EDM Survey for Recording Vernacular Heritage and Sites in Pakistan
S. Muhammad

3D Model of Gedongsongo Temple and Topography Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner Technology
A.J. Mustafa, F. Amhar

3D Shape Measurement by Sweeping Hand-held Light Striping Range Finder
H. Nakai, D. Iwai, K. Sato

Multiple Sensor Modeling of Different Digital Cameras and Image Based Integrated Measurement System for Digital Documentation of Cultural Assets
K. Nakano, H. Chikatsu

Digital Photogrammetry and Lidar: New Ideas for Cultural Heritage Metric Surveys
F. Nex, F. Rinaudo

System for Assisting in the Restoration of Stone Walls, Using 3D Modeling
S. Nishimura, K. Kimoto

Realistic Representation by Digital Archives of the Nishi Hongwanji Temple
Y. Okada, T. Ashikari, M. Mori, H. Wada, Y. Hashimoto

A Study of the Documentation Process for Conservation of Architectural Heritage Sites: Illustrated by Examples from Egyptand Belgium
T. Onaka

Photogrammetric Documentation and Digital Representation of Excavations at Keros Island in the Cyclades
P. Patias, G. Olga, G. Charalampos, S. Anastasios, T. Maria

Detailed Documentation and 3D Model Creation of Dalal Bridge Using Terrestrial Photogrammetry in Zakhu, Northern Iraqi Kurdistan
K. Pavelka

Multi-modal Data Visualization and Analysis of “the Bedroom at Arles” by Vincent Van Gogh
R. Pillay

Utilization of Photosynth Point Clouds for 3D Object Reconstruction
G. Pomaska

Design and Evaluation of a Photogrammetric 3D Surface Scanner
A. Prokos, G. Karras, L. Grammatikopoulos

Multi-sensor 3D Documentation of the Maya Site of Copan
F. Remondino, A. Gruen, J. Von Schwerin, H. Eisenbeiss, A. Rizzi, S. Girardi, M. Sauerbier, H. Richards-Rissetto

Reality-Based 3D Documentation of World Heritage Sites: Methodologies, Problems, and Examples
F. Remondino, A. Rizzi

Culture Heritage Preservation with Optical Correlation Scanner
J. Reznicek, K. Pavelka

Fire Safety Management in Heritage Buildings: The Current Scenario in Malaysia
N.H. Salleh, A.G. Ahmad

Three Focal Photogrammetry Application for Multi-scale and Multi-level Cultural Heritage Survey, Documentation and 3D Reconstruction
P. Salonia, S. Scolastico, A. Marcolongo, T.L. Messina, A. Pozzi

Rapid and Cost-effective Assessment for World Heritage Nominations
M. Santana Quintero, K. Van Balen

Documentation of a Historical Streetscape with Close Range Digital Photogrammetry
G. Saygi, M. Hamamcioglu-Turan

The 3D-ToF-Camera as an Innovative and Low-cost Tool for Recording, Surveying and Visualisation – A Short Draft and Some First Experiences
M. Scherer

Born Digital, Liberate from the Paper: A Case Study and Perspectives about Applications of Voice Recording and Other Digital Recording Methods for the Archaeological Fieldwork
Y. Seino, Y. Kondo, A. Kaneda

Public Participation GIS of Historical Landscapes: A Case Study of “Kyo-machiya Community-building Survey” in Kyoto City
T. Seto, A. Matsumoto, T. Iizuka, K. Yano

Digital Construction for Spatial Documentation of Beijing Old City
R. Shi, G. Zhu, L. Zhu, R. Wang, Y. Mu

Modeling, Viewing and Simulating Kyoto Street Models Created from GIS Data
M. Shibazaki, Y. Isoda, A. Tsukamoto, Y. Kosaka, K. Hasegawa, S. Nakata, S. Tanaka

Automatic Generation of 3-D Ancient Building Models Based on a Digital Map
K. Sugihara

Modelling of Building from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Considering Topology for Occlusion
J. Susaki

Surveying the Eupalinian Aqueduct in Samos Island
K. Tokmakidis

Preservation and Management of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bamiyan: Laser Scan Documentation and Virtual reconstruction of the Destroyed Buddha Figures and the Archaeological Remains
G. Toubekis, I. Mayer, M. Doring-Williams, K. Maeda, K. Yamauchi, Y. Taniguchi, S. Morimoto, M. Petzet, M. Jarke, M. Jansen

Photogrammetry as a Tool to Record a Historic Building at Risk
V. Tsioukas, V. Alexandri, C.G. Karayannis, C.E. Chalioris

Teaching Geomatics
G. Tucci, V. Bonora

New Technologies for Surveying Building Ruins
G. Tucci, V. Bonora, N. Crocetto, A. Nobile

Innovative Survey Methods for the Digital Documentation of Vernacular Architectural Heritage in Syria
G. Tucci, V. Bonora, A. Nobile

Scanning for Microns
A. Valanis, A. Georgopoulos, M. Sofronidou, T. Hadzilacos

High Resolution Textured Models for Engineering Applications
A. Valanis, S. Tapinaki, A. Georgopoulos, C. Ioannidis

Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Architectural Heritage – Deformation Analysis and the Automatic Generation of 2D Cross-sections
B. Van Genechten, T. Demeyere, S. Herinckx, J. Goos, L. Schueremans, D. Roose, M. Santana

RS and GIS Based -Risk Assessment, Preparedness and Prevention of Crowd Disasters: A Case Study of Religious Pilgrimage in India
M. Vij

Application of Resistivity Image Profiling Method for Hydrological Analysis in Soil Structural Remains
S. Wakiya, Y. Kohdzuma, A. Kobayashi, T. Horie, Y. Saito, T. Koezuka

Field Trip for Recording Historic Buildings: Practice in Documentation Training in Tianjin University, China
C. Wu, P. Cao, Y. Ding

Approach to Standardization System of Architectural Heritage Documentation in China
C. Wu, Y.J. Di

Amasya Canik Mountains Modelling by Terrestrial Laser Scanning
M. Yakar, F. Yildiz, H. Karabork, A. Goktepe, K. Ilgun

Archaeological Research of the Khitai Dynasty’s Balgas City Ruins – Cultural Heritage on the Steppe, using GIS
H. Yamaguchi, K. Kiyama, N. Shimizu, E. Altangerel

Integration of 3D Models from Multiple Camera Stations
H. Yanagi, H. Chikatsu

3D Laser Scanning of Sille Open Museum Valley
F. Yildiz, M. Yakar, H. Karabork, A. Goktepe, H.M. Yilmaz, L. Karasaka

3D Laser Scanning and Digital Recording of Disease for China Cangzhou Iron Lion
X. Yong, Z. Chen, Q. Ma

Digital Recording and Reconstruction of Neoclassical Buildings in Kilkis and Thessaloniki
R. Yoshitake, K. Tokmakidis, P. Tokmakidis

Laser Echo Intensity Based Texture Mapping of 3D Scan Mesh
Z. Zhang, F. Zhang, X. Huang, D. Li, Y. Zhu, P. Li

Reconstruction 3D-models of Old Beijing City by Structured Light Scanning
L. Zhu, G. Ma, Y. Mu, R. Shi