Proceedings of CIPA Symposium 19

Antalya (Turkey)
30 September – 04 October 2003

Integrated methodologies of representation and analysis of a great monumental structure: the San Lorenzo Maggiore in Milan
C. Achille, S. Bozic, R. Brumana, I. Fregonese, C. Monti, G. Monti, C. Savi, R. Virgilio

The evaluation of lime mortars and plasters with the purpose of conservation and restoration
S. Acun, N. Arıoglu

The “Marchesato di Saluzzo” project: an open-source based WEB/GIS for historical and cultural research, conservation and valorization
E. Agosto, A. Cosenza, F. Rinaudo

Re-sequencing a historical palm leaf manuscript with boundary-based shape descriptors
D. Akca, A. Gruen

Design of tourist information system (TIS) and integration with panoramic imaging
O. Akcay, M. O. Altan

The Agora of Izmir and cultural tourism
E. Akyüz Levi

Integration of close range photogrammetric surveys in the design process of architectural projects
E. Alby, P. Grussenmeyer, J.-P. Perrin

Determination of old and new deformations at Kücük Aya Sofya (Little Hagia Sophia) mosque in Istanbul by photogrammetric methods and an attempt of their interpretation
A. Alkis, E. G. Arun, H. Demirel, R. D. Düppe, C. Gerstenecker, M. Hovenbitzer

Complex engineering technical examination of the Ascent Church at the State Outdoor Museum Kolomenskoye
N. M. Almazova

Cultural Heritage network of Western Anatolia by using remote sensing and geographic information system
M. Altan, T. Sivas, F. Alanyalı, F. Gökce, C. Ayday

Photographic survey of mosaic and tiled floors – A methodology
D. P. Andrews, N. J. Beckett, M. Clowes, S. M. Tovey

Digital images processing of hyperspectral airborne data: a cultural heritage example
P. Ardissone, P. Boccardo, E. Bborgogno Mondino

Geomatic applications in archaeological research: the Middle Ages in the Vo Valley landscape
P. Ardissone, F. Rinaudo

Wholly documenting holy monuments
D. Balodimos, G. Lavvas, A. Georgopoulos

The geophysical study of buried archaeological remains and the preservation of the architectural patrimony of Mexico City
L. Barba

Towards a standard specification for terrestrial laser scanning of cultural heritage
D. Barber, J. Mills, P. Bryan

Problems in management of urban site conservation in Turkey: a case study in Antalya
Ö. Başağaç, E. Köşgeroğlu, N. Ş. Güçhan.

Archeological park design in the vicinity of Zeugma and applicable remote sensing and photogrammetry methods
Ü. Basaran, A. Yildirim, D. Z. Seker

Istanbul-Bosphorus as our cultural heritage, the process of change over time
C. Baytin , C. Canbay Türkyılmaz, A. Kıran, M. Tunbiş

Tailoring the heritage record. A proactive approach to user needs
J. Bell, C. Ouimet

Research for the possibilities of digital photogrammetric methods for close range stereoscopic photographs, applied on the ruins of transept and chancel of the Church of Aulne Abbey (Thuin, Belgium)
F. Benoit, D. Devriendt, J. Debie, R. Goossens

The archaeological survey campaign of structures of the Iasos’s boundary wall in Caria
S. Bertocci

Utilizing GIS for the assessment of historical stratification in Bergama (Pergamon) as a support for conservation decision making process
A. G. Bilgin Altınöz

An experiment on a system for selecting the method of architectural recording
C. Ş. Binan

Middle scale mapping of cultural sites based on high resolution satellite images
P. Boccardo, E. Borgogno Mondino, F. Giulio Tonolo

Documentation of German Emperor Maximilian I’s tomb
W. Boehler, M. Bordas Vicent, K. Hanke, A. Marbs

Investigating laser scanner accuracy
W. Boehler, M. Bordas Vicent, A. Marbs

Documentation of Stone Age artifacts
W. Boehler, K. Boehm, G. Heinz, A. Justus, C. Schwarz, M. Siebold

A new concept: the solid image
L. Bornaz, S. Dequal

Object segmentation in cultural heritage
L. Bornaz, F. Rinaudo, M. Roggero

The survey of the Temple of Augustus and Goddess Roma in Ankara
P. Botteri, G. Fangi, E. S. Malinverni, B. Pinna Caboni

Laserscanning and photogrammetry for the modelling of the statue Marc Anton
C. Briese, N. Pfeifer, A. Haring

Advanced GIS technologies to support georeferencing of the cultural heritage
R. Brumana, C. Achille

Laser scanning as a tool for archeological reconstitution: a Gallo-Roman temple in Naix-Aux-Forges, France
D. Bur, J.-P. Perrin, A. Fuchs, V. Germonprez

E-Heritage: the future for integrated applications in cultural heritage
J. A. Cannataci, R. Rivenc, N. P. Zammit, C. Borg, G. Guidi, G. A. Beraldin

Architectural and natural heritage: virtual reality with photogrammetry and laser scanning
M. Caprioli, M. Minchilli, A. Scognamiglio, G. Strisciuglio

Evaluation of a theatre by using low-altitude aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry
T. M. Celikoyan, M. O. Altan, G. Kemper, G. Toz

Calibrating and using an Olympus camera for balloon photogrammetry
T. M. Celikoyan, M. O. Altan, G. Kemper, G. Toz

Non-destructive geophysical surveyes: archaeological feedback
M. Ciminale, D. Gallo

Our natural and cultural heritage – transformations, collections, creative processes
E. Csaplovics, A. K. Saha, U. Herbig, B. Atalar, F. D. Biney, L. Cabangbang, C. Diekmann, G. A. Esquivel, K. Kosc, J. C. Montoya, M. Oven, M. Shimizu, M. Vanek, A. Seppi, A. Guhlmann

Scanning options and choices in digitizing historic maps
M. Daniil, V. Tsioukas, K. Papadopoulos, E. Livieratos

True orthophoto of the whole town of Turin
S. Dequal, A. Lingua

Freak – consistent surveying and documentation systems as a planning basis for large-scale historic buildings
D. Donath, F. Petzold, T. Thurow, U. Weferling

Tacheometry in combination with building-element oriented CAAD-systems the integration of high-precision plan, simple 3D-model and supplementary building information in a single system
D. Donath, U. Weferling

Digital recording of stratigraphic excavations
M. Doneus, W. Neubauer, N. Studnicka

Laser scanning and close range photogrammetry: towards a single measuring tool dedicated to architecture and archaeology
P. Drap, M. Sgrenzaroli, M. Canciani, G. Cannata, J. Seinturier

Cultural Heritage preservation using internet-enabled GIS
Z. Duran, A. Garagon Dogru, G. Toz.

Photogrammetric reconstruction and virtual presentation of Monastery of Christ Pantepoptes
Z. Duran, G. Toz

A procedure for evaluating performance of measured survey methods
S. Elwazani

The “Cappadocia Academy”. A project on documentation, planning and development in Central Anatolia
A. M. Emge

Geophysical examination of the Christian archaeological site Emmaus-Nicopolis (central Israel)
L. V. Eppelbaum, S. E. Itkis

An experimental study of GIS – Aided conservation development plan; the case of Sille-Konya
R. Erdem, S. Durduran, T. Çay, O.N. Dülgerler, H.H. Yıldırım

Cultural and socio-demographic analysis of an historical neighborhood in Edirne
N. Erdoğan, V. Dökmeci, D. Zeybekoğlu

Valuation of orthorectification by use of PhotoModeler software
H. J. B. Erwes, W. da Silva Prado, A. G. Rodrigues e Silva, D. W. Ferreira de Melo

Comparing the acoustics of mosques and Byzantine churches
P. Fausti, R. Pompoli, N. Prodi

Digital surface models for architectural heritage analysis. The survey of the aqueduct of “Los Milagros” in Mérida, Spain
J. J. Fernández Martín, J. Martínez Rubio, J. San José Alonso

Usability and potential use of the high resolution digital camera in the determination of 3D digital model
L. Fregonese

First experiments with convergent multi-images photogrammetry with automatic correlation applied to differential rectification of architectural façades
J. García-León, A. M. Felicísimo, J. J. Martínez

Orthoimage processing in archeology. The site of Colonia Clunia Sulpicia (Peñalba de Castro, Burgos – Spain)
G. Gillani, M. Roggero

Lens distortion simulation. An application for understanding geometric distortion
J. Gómez Lahoz, O. Cuadrado Méndez, J. Martínez Rubio

Camera calibration approaches using single images of man-made objects
L. Grammatikopoulos, G. E. Karras, E. Petsa.

Computer reconstruction and modeling of The Great Buddha statue in Bamiyan, Afghanistan
A. Gruen, F. Remondino, L. Zhang

The restoration of Beaufort Castle (South-Lebanon). A 3D restitution according to historical documentation
P. Grussenmeyer, J. Yasmine

A new approach for 3D models transmission
A. Guarnieri, F. Pirotti, M. Pontin, A. Vettore

The utility of geodetic survey techniques and equipments in architectural heritage documentation – an assessment of recent approaches in Turkey: the documentation project of the Ottoman fortresses of Seddulbahir and Kumkale
C. Guney, R. N. Celik, L. Thys-Şenocak, A. Ozsavasci

Multimedia supported GIS on the internet case study: two Ottoman fortresses and a cemetery on the Dardanelles
C. Guney, M. Duman, K. Uylu, O. Avcı, R. N. Celik

3D modelling and visualisation of Al Bastakia in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
K. Hadjri

Recording the cultural heritages of Samoa and Fiji Islands
U. Herbig G. Zöhrer, F. Zamolyi

Temporal GIS for analysis and visualization of cultural heritage
K. Hosse, S. Schilcher

Traditional environment, culture, and conservation: the case of Koruçam village-Cyprus
F. İlkin, Ö. Özderen, O. Şengezer

Standardization: a necessity for the documentation & archiving in cultural heritage
M. Ioannides, G. Hadzilacos

3D reconstruction and visualization in cultural heritage
M. Ioannides, E. Stylianidis, S. Stylianou

Laser scanning and photogrammetry for the documentation of a large statue – Experiences in the combined use
C. Ioannidis, M. Tsakiri

The contribution of modern geometric recording and visualization methods in the implementation of a new museum concept
C. Ioannidis, M. Xipnitou, C. Potsiou, S. Soile

Digital surface modeling of jointed rock in stone monuments using laser scanner and digital camera
C. Y. Jeong, H. S. Lee, H. D. Park

Protecting cultural important writings with new methods in reproduction and electronic publishing
M. Jobst

Preserving cultural landscapes and archaeological information with the help of multimedia cartography
M. Jobst

Izmit sultan Abdülaziz imperial lodge: documentation and assessment of damages caused by the earthquake of 1999
Y. Kahya, K. Kuzucular, N. B. Yöney, A. Özer

On multi-image reconstruction from historic photographs
I. Kalisperakis, M. Rova, E. Petsa, G. E. Karras

A research project in the intersection of architectural conservation and virtual reality: Cahrisma
Z. Karabiber Yüksel, C. Binan, R. Ünver

Building 3D photo-texture model integrated with GIS for architectural heritage conservation
F. Karsli, E. Ayhan, E. Tunc

Photogrammetry in Ephesos – Recording basic spatial data
S. Klotz

Requirements in an inventory on cultural heritage in Morocco and reflections on the presentation of the information
O. Kölbl, M. Boussahl, Hostettler, H.

Photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information science for heritage documentation
K. Kraus

Contribution of geophysical measurements for survey and protection of hillforts
R. Křivánek

Geophysical prospection in South Abusir, Egypt, 2002
R. Křivánek, M. Bárta

Documentation of the silhouette changes of Istanbul using digital photogrammetric methods
S. Kulur, M. O. Altan, Z. Duran, Y. Kardas

Volumetric reconstruction of cultural heritage artifacts
Y. Kuzu, O. Sinram

A data model for a GIS-based analysis of the Nasca lines at Palpa (Peru)
K. Lambers. M. Sauerbier

Documenting, managing & visualizing a huge digital photogrammetric data set
J. L. Lerma, C. Portalés, D. Germes

A new internet based communication framework for the CIPA community
C. Lichtenberg, G. Pomaska

Comparison of surveys of St. Mark’s square, in Venice
A. Lingua, F. Rinaudo, G. Auditore, C. Balletti, F. Guerra, L. Pilot

SYGIS – the Finnish archaeological project in Syria
M. Lönnqvist, M. Törmä

Automated extraction of profiles from 3D-models of archaeological fragments
H. Mara & M. Kampel

Integration of close range photogrammetry and topographic measurements to get the tridimensional model of complex sculpture
M. Martín, F. J. Iglesias, H. Rodrigo, S. Hernández

Experiences in photogrammetric archaeological recording
D. Mavromati, E. Petsa, G. E. Karras

Comparison of photogrammetric and computer vision techniques – 3D reconstruction and visualization of Wartburg Castle
H. Mayer, M. Mosch, J. Peipe

3D laserscanning for engineering and architectural heritage conservation
M. Mettenleiter, F. Härtl, I. Heinz, B. Neumann, A. Hildebrand, T. Abmayr, C. Fröhlich

Spatial information technology for the archaeological research area of the ancient city Tavium, central Anatolia
H. Müller

An appraisal of the utilization of GIS in an urban conservation project in Antakya
N. Naycı, A. G. Bilgin Altınöz, N. Şahin Güçhan

Remote sensing object-oriented image analysis applied to half-timbered houses
T. Neusch, P. Grussenmeyer

A bird’s eye view on Switzerland in the 18th century: 3D recording and analysis of a historical relief model
J. Niederoest

Transforming of historical real estate entities’s property to public property
R. Nisanci, B. Uzun, M. Cete

Between a rock and a data base: a cultural site management system for the rock paintings of Uluru, central Australia
C. L. Ogleby, G. MacLaren, M. Starkey

Revitalization of a street in a historic urban quarter: case study: Girne Liman Arkasi
B. Oktay, M. Fasli, M. Paşaoğulları

A discussion on the analysis stage of strategic conservation planning
S. Onal Hoskara, N. Doratli

Researching the orientation of monuments: the Church of the Great Meteoro Monastery
G. Pantazis, R. Korakitis, Ε. Lambrou, D. Sinachopoulos

Real-time recreated ceremonies in VR restituted cultural heritage sites
G. Papagiannakis, A. Foni, N. Magnenat-Thalmann

Acoustical improvement of a historical opera house using room simulations
L. Parati, A. C. Gade, R. Pompoli, J. H. Rindel

Documenting the Panama Canal. An International achievement
M. Patiño, B. Cliver

PhotoPa – Database of small Czech historical monuments
K. Pavelka, R. Chromý, P. Souček

Using of non-expensive 3D scanning instruments for cultural heritage documentation
K. Pavelka, T. Dolanský

Optical carrier for long-term digital information storage
V. V. Petrov, A. A. Kryuchyn, S. M. Shanoylo

Analyses on building mortar samples used in the works of masonry of the Jasos archaeological site, Turkey
P. Pierattini

Introduction of SVG as a data interchange format for architectural documentations
G. Pomaska

The magnetometer survey at the early Islamic City of Kharab Sayyar, north-east Syria
M. Posselt

Geoinformation System “The Protection of Russian historical cultural heritage on the example of Sverdlovks Oblast”
Z. V. Pushchina, U. P. Litvinenko

An immovable historical asset information system design and application: a case study of Trabzon
S. Reis, R. Nisanci, V. Yildirim, H. I. Inan, T. Yomralioglu

Merging and processing of laser scan data and high-resolution digital images acquired with a hybrid 3D laser sensor
J. Riegl, N. Studnicka, A. Ullrich

3D modelling of Heritage Sites in Africa. A case study in the world heritage site of Kilwa Kisiwani, Tanzania
H. Rüther, G. Mtalo, E. Mngumi

Fast on-site reconstruction and visualization of archaeological finds
K. Schindler, M. Grabner, F. Leberl

New perspectives for single images in conservation
W. Schuhr, E. Kanngieser

The restoration of Suffolk House, Penang, Malaysia
H. Siti Norlizaiha, A. Ghafar

Replication of marble exhibits using photogrammetry and laser scanning (or how to forge exhibits)
D. Skarlatos, S. Theodoridou, D. Hennings, S. Ville

Measuring archaeological sites using eagle’s eye
D. Skarlatos, S. Theodoridou, E. Karalis, K. Tokmakidis

Documentation of archaeological ruins and standing monuments using photo-rectification and 3D modelling
F. Summers, N. Atalan, N. Aydın, Ö. Başağaç, G. Uçar

ICOMOS digital database of the cultural heritage of Trabzon
A. Sürül, H. Özen, M. Tutkun

Close range orthoimage using a low cost digital camcorder
E. Tsiligiris, M. Papakosta, C. Ioannidis, A. Georgopoulos

3D modeling and restoration: from metric to thematic survey. The case study of San Francesco al Prato in Perugia
G. Tucci, F. Algostino, V. Bonora, F. Chiabrando

Integrated survey methods to obtain interpretative models aimed at cultural heritage conservation
G. Tucci, V. Bonora, A. Spanò

Discussion of two photogrammetric techniques combined for documentation of Defensionskaserne in Minden with reference to architectural heritage conservation
M. H. Turan

Semi-automatic camera calibration and image orientation using the CIPA reference data set
F. A. van den Heuvel

Photogrammetric recording and evaluation of the Market Gate of Miletus for architectural heritage conservation
T. Vögtle, K. Ringle, M. Nutto, H.-P. Bähr, M. Pfanner, F. Zens, M. Maischberger

Tactile surveying methods of surveying building detail – An essential component of computer-aided building surveying
U. Weferling

Contribution of simple teaching tools to the RecorDIM-initiative
A. Wiedemann, F. LeBlanc

Archimedes3D – an integrated system for the generation of architectural orthoimages
A. Wiedemann, J. Moré, R. Tauch

Documentation of cultural heritage by using digital close range photogrammetry
N. Yastıklı, Z. Alkış

3D model generation and visualization of cultural heritage
N. Yastıklı, O. Emem, Z. Alkış

Conserving cultural heritage in an urban setting and the potential role of multimedia technology
T. Yeh

Photogrammetric studies on stoa in ancient city of Knidos (Datca-Mugla)
F. Yildiz, H. Karabörk, M. Yakara, L. Alp, H. M. Yilmaz

Photogrammetric works on Tonyukuk monuments in Mongolia
F. Yildiz, H. Karabörk, M. Yakar, H. M. Yilmaz, L. Alp

Inexpensive and robust 3D model acquisition system for three-dimensional modeling of small artifacts
U. Yılmaz, O. Özün, B. Otlu, A. Mulayim, V. Atalay

Rehabilitation of the Tunku Canselor Hall, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
M. A. Zuraini