Proceedings of CIPA Symposium 23

Prague (Czech Republic)
12 September – 16 September 2011

Multiple visualization Web approach for cultural heritage objects
D. Abate, G. Furini, S. Migliori, S. Pierattini

Survey of the archeological site of Nemi. A training experience
C. Achille, F. Fassi, N. Lombardini, F. Gaudio, L. Galbusera

QueryArch3D: querying and visualizing 3D models of a Maya archaeological site in a Web-based interface
G. Agugiaro, F. Remondino, G. Girardi, J. Von Schwerin, H. Richards-Rissetto, R. De Amicis

Reconstruction of eroded and visually complicated archaeological geometric patterns: Minaret Choli, Iraq
R. Al Ajlouni, P. Justa

From 3D recording to virtual visit of archaeological sites: methodology applied to the medieval fortress of Chatel sur Moselle (France)
E. Alby, V. Poitevin, P. Grussenmeyer

The concept of “Sala de Fabrica”: on-site museums to raise awareness of Cultural Heritage after a restoration project
A. Almagro Vidal, T. Blanco Torres, G. Morate Martín

The Toledo Gate in Ciudad Real, Spain. An applied case study of the Seville Charter
A. Almagro Vidal, J.L. Gómez Merino, I. Ramírez González

Methodological aspects of architectural documentation
A. Amorin

3D and 2D documentation and visualization of architectural historic Heritage
M. Angelini, D. Costantino, N. Milan

Construction, management and visualization of 3D models of large archeological and architectural sites for e-Heritage GIS systems
F.I. Apollonio, B. Benedetti, M. Gaiani, S. Baldissini

Web-based presentation of indoor modeling by means of photogrammetry
K.E. Arpaci, M. Özyasar, Z. Duran, E.Ö. Avsar, U. Aydar

Solution for the problems encountered during the modeling of terrestrial laser scanner data
F.H. Aşkin, B. Bayram, D.Z. Zafer Şeker

Education on cultural heritage documentation and terrestrial photogrammetry at ITU department of Geomatics Engineering
E.Ö. Avşar, U. Aydar, D.Z. Şeker

A low-cost laser scanning system design
U. Aydar, O. Akyol, Z. Duran

Strain analysis to test historical surveys
C. Balletti, F. Guerra

From wooden maquettes to digital model: virtual reconstruction of a design path
C. Balletti, F. Guerra, A. Adami

A MIS-GIS application for the historical centers
V. Barrile, D. Cuzzocrea, G. Bilotta

Archaeological maps geo-referencing and interrogation by advanced computer GIS software
V. Barrile, D. Cuzzocrea, F. Di Capua

The issue of documentation of hardly accessible historical monuments by using of photogrammetry and laser scanner techniques
K. Bartoš, K. Pukanská, J. Gajdošík, M. Krajnák

High-definition 3D acquisition of archaeological objects. An Overview of various challenging projects all over the world
C. Bathow, B. Breuckmann

Graphic documentation: a cool presentation tool or a helpful assistant? Case study Nako, North India
T. Bayerova, M. Gruber

Information system of the open-air museum in Vysoký Chlumec
Z. Bílá

Possible use of GigaPan for documenting Cultural Heritage sites
Z. Bílá, K. Pavelka

3D data model for purposes of Cultural Heritage custody. Case study in the state Castle Kozel
K. Bobek, K. Jedlicka

Survey drawings consistency: the use of material-based layering systems in Computer Aided Design and drafting
S. Boom, P. Cacciotti, M. De Voght, L. Visconti

Learning from the building: direct sources for the preservation project. The experience of Besozzo’s town hall (Varese, Italy)
S. Bortolotto, E. Ciocchini, A. Frigo, A. Garzulino, R. Simonelli, F. Zangheri

A new tool for obtaining cartographic georeferenced data from single oblique photos
C. Bozzini, M. Conedera, P. Krebs

Panoramic UAV views for landscape heritage analysis integrated with historical maps atlases
R. Brumana, D. Oreni, M. Alba, L. Barazzetti, B. Cuca, M. Scaioni

Architectural survey in practice
A. Bruschke

Digital Langweil model of Prague
J. Buriánek

Documentation of the architectural characteristics of a historical house
S. Buyukkilic, M. Hamamcioglu-Turan, F.N. Kul

Database of settlements and its usage for localization of old maps
V. Cada, K. Janecka

Experiences in photogrammetry and laser scanner surveying of architectural heritage
M. Caprioli, M. Minchilli, A. Scognamiglio

Drawing as a learning system of architectural heritage
F. Celis, E. Echeverria, F. Da Casa

Combining a virtual learning tool and onsite study visits of four conservation sites in Europe
A. Chenaux, M. Murphy, G. Keenaghan, J. Jenkins, E. Mcgovern, S. Pavia

Multi-scale modeling of the Basilica of San Pietro in Tuscania (italy). From 3D data to 2D representation
F. Chiabrando, D. Piatti, F. Rinaudo

New sensors for cultural heritage metric survey: the ToF cameras
F. Chiabrando, D. Piatti, F. Rinaudo

Spherical panoramas, and non metric images for long range survey, the San Barnaba spire, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
E. Cingolani, G. Fangi

An ergonomic interface to compute 3D models using photogrammetry
I. Cléry, M. Pierrot-Desseilligny

3D stereoscopic navigation of metric and highly textured archaeological models
E. D’Annibale

Image based modeling from spherical photogrammetry and structure for motion. The case of the Treasury, Nabatean Architecture in Petra
E. D’Annibale

Spherical photogrammetry as emergency photogrammetry
E. D’Annibale, L. Piermattei, G. Fangi

The historical foundations. Historical architectural treaty how information source of the architectonic heritage
F. Da Casa, E. Echeverria, F. Celis

Campania Felix (Italy): measurement, advanced survey and visual communication of cultural landscape rural and small urban centres
A. De Masi

Geometric documentation of underwater archaeological sites
E. Diamanti, A. Georgopoulos, F. Vlachaki

Detailed documentation of synagogues in Prague using combination of tachymetry, laser scanning and close-range photogrammetry
T. Dolanský, J. Štronerová, M. Dolanská

Precize 3D virtual model of cesky krumlov historical town centre
T. Dolanský, J. Skácilík, J. Štronerová, M. Dolanská

From deposit to point cloud. A study of low-cost computer vision approaches for the straightforward documentation of archaeological excavations
M. Doneus, G. Verhoeven, M. Fera, C. Briese, M. Kucera, W. Neubauer

Photorealistic 3D modelling of sculptures on open-air museums
F. Duca, M. Cabrelles, S. Navarro, A.E. Segui, J.L. Lerma

Implementation of campus Cultural Heritage database with support of photogrammetry
M.U. Durdağ, F. Batuk

Exploitation of countrywide airborne LIDAR dataset for documentation of historical human activities in countryside
P. Dušánek

U.S. Heritage documentation programs: history, outlook and roles
S. Elwazani, A. Abu Al-Haija

The view from above-overview and comparison of low cost Aerial photographic techniques
R. Eppich, A. Almagro, M. Santana, A. Almagro Vidal

Building information modelling and heritage documentation
S. Fai, K. Graham, T. Duckworth, N. Wood, R. Attar

Documentation of Corpus Christi Chapel in Kutna Hora by laser scanning technology
M. Faltýnová

Aerial laser scanning in archaeology
M. Faltýnová, K. Pavelka

Metadata and tools for integration and preservation of Cultural Heritage 3D information
A. Felicetti, M. Lorenzini

Using a database as a data source for creating a 3D model
R. Fiala

The role of SSFDP in 3D data acquisition of Cultural Heritage of Slovakia
M. Fraštia, M. Paško

Using standards as a bridge between traditional research AND Technologies in protecting cultural assets
Y. Fujimoto, Y. Horiuchi

Virtual Abriola: a project for the distance viewing of the works of Giovanni and Girolamo Todisco
F. Gabellone

A quick method for the texture mapping of meshes acquired by laser scanner
F. Gabellone, I. Ferrari, F. Giuri

Digital survey for cultural heritage safeguard: Saint John Tower in Enna
M. Galizia, C. Santagati

Use of multi-resolution laser scanning/white light scanning and digital modelling of the historic huts of Scott and Shackleton in Antarctica
R. Gibb, D. Mccurdy, R.L. Farrell, C. Bathow, B. Breuckmann

Preparation and submission of the nomination file of the Oasis of Figuig (Morocco) for inscription on the World Heritage List: impacts and uses of a GIS
L. Gillot, A. Del

Documentation of Horozluhan Caravansary on historical Silk Road belong to Seljuk period, in Turkey
A. Goktepe, C. Altuntas, H. Karabork, F. Yildiz, G. Toz

The Roman theatre of Cordoba: multimedia works using the scanometry of the remains. New procedures of virtual archaeology and the Sevilla Charter
J. L. Gómez Merino

The implementation of an international charter in the field of virtual archaeology
A. Grande, V.M. Lopez-Menchero

The tribuna of Palazzo Grimani: a 3D survey and virtual representation of the original statuary
F. Guerra, M. Ballarin

Surveying and comparing the Arco dei Gavi and its historical wooden maquette
F. Guerra, P. Vernier

From data to information; methodology for a GIS based historic building conservation project
S. Günay

An approach for photogrammetric field of view analysis
A. Günay, E.Ö. Avsar

The role of spatial informatics in Cultural Heritage survey
C. Güney, H. Mercan

Close-range photogrammetry and laser scanning. Data fusion and complementary approach for the documentation of complex object
K. Hanke, M. Moser

Simplified photogrammetrical documentation and visualization of historical objects in Peru
K. Hanzalová, Z. Cumpelik, S. Mathauserová, P. Filípek, M. Odvody, R. Kostka

Re-relic/ Yuanmingyuan: an effective practice in virtual restoration and visual representation of Cultural Heritage
Y. He

Complementarity of terrestrial laser scanning and DSM from aerial photography: the example of the Cathedral of Amiens
R. Héno, L. Chandelier, F. Clauzei, R. Hanon

Introduction to the architectural conservation project for the facades of the Royal Palace of Stockholm
A. Heymowski, L. Günther, M. Myrin, E. Andersson, U. Hägnefelt, A. Valanis

SIMphoto – Free software for single image photogrammetry
J. Hodac, D. Cížek

Role of interdisciplinary cooperation in process of documentation of Cultural Heritage
J. Hodac, M. Rykl

Visualization of a development-led excavation
O. Homola, F. Kašpárek, V. Vokolek, J. Jílek, K. Pavelka, Z. Bílá

Visualisation in cultural heritage
O. Homola, J. Zeman

Use of a real time 3D engine for the visualization of a town scale model dating from the 19th century
P. Humbert, C. Chevrier, D. Bur

The application of precision measurement in historic building conservation: yaking Guanxing Tai, a historic Chinese Observatory, as an example
X. Jinliang

Close range photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning: high resolution texturized 3D model of the Chapel of the Kings in the Valencia Cathedral as a case study
F. Jordá, S. Navarro, A. Pérez, R. Cachero, D. López, J.L. Lerma

Urban change detection in city centers using temporal satellite imagery
D. Kaimariis, E. Stylianidis, A. Lambrou, K. Panozachos, N. Kandis

A structured-light approach for the reconstruction of complex objects
I. Kalisperakis, L. Grammatikopoulos, E. Petsa, G. Karras

Application of computer vision methods and algorithms in documentation of cultural heritage
D. Káňa, V. Hanzl v.

Generation of 3D city models from terrestrial laser scanning and aerial photography: a case study
H. Karabork, F. Sari

3D modelling of the heritage buildings by using muscle model
I.R. Karas, F. Batuk, D.Z. Seker

Development of a 3D information system for the old city centre of Athens
N. Kaskampas, K. Spirou-Sioula, C. Ioannidis

Recommendations and strategies for the establishment of a guideline for monument documentation harmonized with the existing European Standards and Codes
A. Kioussi, K. Labropoulos, M. Karoglou, A. Moropoulou, R. Zarnic

Cultural heritage recording utilising low-cost close-range photogrammetry
M.K. Kirhoefer, J. Chandler, R. Wackrow

Google Earth: inspiration and instrument for the study of ancient civilizations
J. Klokočník, J. Kostelecký, K. Pavelka

3D model supports archaeological knowledge base
M. Koehl, S. Berger

Using unusual technologies combination for Madonna statue replication
B. Koska

Determination of St. George basilica tower historical inclination from contemporary photos
B. Koska

Laserscanning for castle documentation
T. Křemen, B. Koska, J. Pospíšil

Finding a suitable model for archaeologists. application to the documentation of a compound wall of Ribeauvillé (Alsace)
T. Landes, J.J. Schwien, S. Berger, N. Peter, E. Alby, P. Grussenmeyer

The digital reconstruction of a large-scale construction simulated by using 3D laser scanning technology. A brick kiln’s chimney in Kaohsiung city of Taiwan as an example
Y.C. Lin, T.C. Wu, M.F. Hsu

Calibration of a 2D3D – camera system
S. Lipkowski, M. Scherer

The principles of the Seville Charter
V.M. López-Menchero, A. Grande

Modeling of an Aztec sculpture with photogrammetry
G. Lucet, A. Casas

A semiautomatic large-scale detection of simple geometric primitives for detecting structural defects from range-based information
R. Martínez, F.J. Delgado, A. Hurtado, J. Martínez, J. Finat

Documentation of geoglyphs on Nazca Plain, Peru using remotely sensed data
E. Matoušková, K. Hanzalová

Virtual texturing in the documentation of Cultural Heritage – The Domitilla catacomb in Rome
I. Mayer, C. Scheiblauer, A.J. Mayer

Reconstruction of historical paths with using of small-format aerial photography
J. Mirijovský, J. Martínek, J. Brus

“GEOHeritage”. GIS based application for movable heritage
A. Moscicka

Implementation of RIA concept and eye tracking system for cultural heritage
R. Netek

The standard of management and application of cultural heritage documentation
Y. Ning, W. Hua, C.H. Minh, H.W. Shan

A study on the multimedia management system for cultural heritage
Y.Y. Ning, W.K. Hua, K.H. Ren, L.T. Yu

Improving completeness of geometric models from terrestrial laser scanning data
C. Nothegger

New applications for the conservation of the mosaics at the Butrint Unesco site: on-line database and photogrammetry
E. Omari

The virtual 3D reconstruction of the East pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia. Presentation of an interactive cd-rom
A. Patay-Horváth

Change detection in historical city centers using multisource data: the case of historical center of Nicosia-Cyprus
P. Patias, D. Kaimaris, E. Stylianidis

Mapping of buildings facades’ at the historical centre of Nicosia and creating a preservation information system
P. Patias, A. Stamnas, C. Georgiadis, E. Stylianidis, D. Kaimaris

Using of non-destructive underground geophysical testing for building historical research
K. Pavelka, F. Kašička

Development of interdisciplinary cooperation of technical disciplines in solving of architectural and arts tasks
M. Pavlík, K. Pavelka

Automated image-based procedures for accurate artifacts 3D modeling and orthoimage generation
M. Pierrot-Deseilligny, L. De Luca, F. Remondino

Compiling stereoscopic 3D animations from 2D video sequences and virtual computer models exploiting open source software
G. Pomaska

Olomouc. Possibilities of geovisualization of the historical city
S. Popelka, A. Brychtová

3D landmarks on the Internet
L. Puchrik, M. Prikryl

Metric accuracy evaluation of dense matching algorithms in archeological applications
C. Re, S. Robson, R. Roncella, M. Hess

The Etruscans in 3D: from space to underground
F. Remondino, A. Rizzi, B. Jimenez, G. Agugiaro, G. Baratti, R. De Amicis

Metadata visualisation of Cultural Heritage information within a collaborative environment
A. Respaldiza, M. Wachowicz, A. Vázquez Hoehne

A GIS for knowing, managing, preserving Catania’s historical architectural heritage
F. Restuccia, M. Galizia, C. Santagati c.

Overview of the methods for orto-image generation from the coloured laser scan dataset
J. Reznícek

Photogrammetrical documentation of the bronze equestrian statue of Jan Zizka in the form of the accurate 3D model of the bronze plate joints
J. Reznícek, K. Pavelka

3D mapping of the Nasca lines
C. Richter, B. Teichert

The Nasca project. A German-Czech cooperation
C. Richter, B. Teichert, K. Pavelka, K. Hanzalová

New approaches for 3D documentation of petroglyphs in the Norwest of the Iberian peninsula
B. Riveiro, J. Armesto, F. Carrera, P. Arias, M. Solla, S. Lagüela

Assessment and comparison of metadata schemas for architectural heritage
P. Ronzino, N. Amico, F. Niccolucci f.

3D high resolution photo realistic models from a protohistoric burial site (Olmo di Nogara, Italy)
G. Salemi, A. Canci, L. Salzani, M. Cupitò, G. Concheri, R. Meneghello, G. Savio, E. Faresin

A unique lead medal of Filarete in the numismatic collection of Civico Museo Correr (Venice, Italy): comparison of multisensory laser scanner systems
G. Salemi, C. Crisafulli, M. Asolati, G. Concheri, R. Meneghello, G. Savio

Documentation and conservation of Wazir Khan mosque, Lahore, Pakistan
M. Salman

Photo scanner 3D survey for monitoring historical monuments. The case history of Porta Praetoria in Aosta
P. Salonia, T. Leti Messina, A. Marcolongo, L. Appolonia

Integration of hybrid outdoor and indoor surveying. A case study in spanish renaissance style towers
J.I. Sánchez, J.I. San José, J.J. Fernández, J. Jmartínez, J. Finat CHECK NAME! Martinbez

Reasons for a charter on virtual archaeology. ICOMOS role promoting major international charters
M. Santana Quintero

3D GIS application by implementing 3D city model with Google Earth and Google Map integration
F. Sari, H. Karabork

3DMADMAC|spectral: hardware and software solution for integrated digitization of 3D shape, multispectral color and BRDF for Cultural Heritage documentation
R. Sitnik, G. Maczkowski, J. Krzeslowski, T. Gadzinski

3DMADMAC|automated: synergistic hardware and software solution for automated 3D digitization of cultural heritage objects
R. Sitnik, M. Karaszewski, W. Zaluski, E. Bunsch

Grand Canal’s palaces’ facade maps based on mobile scanning data acquired by boat
N. Studnicka, G. Zach, P. Amon

Condition survey of the last judgement mosaic St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague
D. Stulík, R. Eppich, J. Zastoupil, B. Kunftová

Measurement and analysis of the ancient Chinese wooden architecture
C. Sun

GIS as a part of the Czech Heritage integrated information system
Z. Syrová, J. Syrový

Transmission of Cultural Heritage through time and space by 3D digital models
L. Taffurelli, L. Fregonese

Reclaiming histories and the virtual museum: a proposal to preserve Jazirat Al Hamra
S. Thompson

Geomatic techniques and 3D modeling for the survey of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
G. Tucci, V. Bonora

The Basilica della Madonna dell’Umiltà in Pistoia: survey, analysis and documentation of the dome
G. Tucci, A. Nobile, M. Riemma

Documentation of the structural characteristics of a historical house
F. Uygun, M. Hamamcioglu-Turan, F.N. Kul

Usage of laserscanning technology for complex acquisition of documentation in cultural heritage
F.R. Václavík, J. Pazdera

New possibilities of detailed documentation of castles and ruins areas using static and mobile laser scanning technology
F.R. Václavík, J. Pazdera

Web-sharing for a cultural heritage computer database of central Sicilian monuments
A. Versaci, A. Cardaci

Automated 3D-object documentation on the base of an image set
S. Vetter, G. Siedler

Digital terrain model of the Second Military Survey
M. Vichrová, V. Cada

Digital photogrammetric methods for documentation of wall paintings on the Karlštejn Castle
J. Vidman, J. Zastoupil, P. Hlavenka

Information management systems for cultural heritage and conservation of World Heritage Sites. The Silk Roads case study
O. Vileikis, M. Santana Quintero, K. Van Balen, B. Dumont, V. Tigny

Practical recording issues at small and large scales in Maya archaeology in Belize
R. Warden

Usage of innovative aerial sensors for conservation purposes
A. Wiedemann, J. Moré, M. Möller, R. Wolf

The concept of using GIS in the inventory of architectural and landscape units
A. Wrochna

Zhaishan tunnel 3D digitized and displayed in Kinmen
T.J. Wu, Y.J. Li, H.Y. Tseng, M.F. Hsu

Study on vegetation restoration and design of the re-relic/Yuanmingyuan
X. Wu, J. Zhang, Y. Liu

The preparation of the architectural surveyings with photogrammetric measurement technics of Emir Ishak Bey tomb and 3D modelling
M. Yakar, F. Yildiz, A. Metin, F. Uray, D. Kahya, V. Çiçek, F. Batuk, G. Toz, O. Mutluoglu, E. Kocaman, H.M. Yilmaz

3D-GIS application in information management and conservation planning of historic city
H. Yan, C. Limin

3D modeling of the Cukursaray (the Hollow Palace), Istanbul – Turkey and its application for campus information system
H. Yildiz, M. U. Gumusay

Measured survey and digital photogrammetry methods during the restoration of the main dome decoration in the Pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk at Zelená Hora in Ždár nad Sázavou
J. Zastoupil, J. Vidman, P. Hlavenka