Proceedings of CIPA Symposium 20

Torino (Italy)
27 September – 1 October 2005

Advanced methodologies for surface analysis: methods, comparison and monitoring of the mosaic surface floor of the St. Mark’s basilica in Venice
C. Achille, L. Fregonese, C. Monti, C. Savi

Survey and representation of the Villa Reale di Monza to support of the international design competition
C. Achille, C. Monti, C. C. Monti, C. Savi

DSM and digital orthophotos in cultural heritage documentation
F. Agnello, M. Lo Bbrutto, G. Lo Meo

The Castle of Graines: different survey methodologies for the documentation of historical buildings
E. Agosto, P. Ardissone, L. Bornaz

A survey of “The sala degli stucchi”, an ornate baroque hall
E. Agosto, P. Ardissone, P. Maschio, C. Porporato, P. Ranieri

Survey and representation methodologies in teaching experience
E. Agosto, S. Coppo, A. Osello, F. Rinaudo

An open source system for P.I.C.A. A project for diffusion and valorization of cultural heritage
E. Agosto, D. Demarchi, G. Di Gangi, G. Ponza

A GIS for the monitoring of the hydraulic system of the Royal Racconigi Park
E. Agosto, M. Macera, F. Rinaudo

S. Marco’s church in Vercelli: the shape model for the reutilize. LIDAR project in a simple architectural space survey
E. Agosto, A. Osello, L. Peretti, F. Rinaudo

Historical colonnade courtyard surveys: comparison between the Seminario Maggiore and the University building
E. Agosto, C. Porporato

An approach for representation of historical objects by means of 2D web-based GIS
O. Akcay, F. Yilmazturk

New survey technologies for production of GIS model of the ancient roman Jerash city in Jordan
O. Al Bayari

Analogy between architectural design process and the documentation of architectural works
E. Alby, P. Grussenmeyer, J.P. Perrin

Survey, research and virtual reality in the monuments of Seville included in the world heritage list
A. Almagro

Training on documentation in architectural heritage: the experience of ARIS and CLADIC courses
A. Almagro Vidal, A. Almagro

Automatic multi-image photo-texturing of complex 3D scenes
Y Alshawabkeh, N. Haala

Migliarino-San Rossore natural & archeological park: experiences in monitoring coastal landscape evolution
P. Aminti, L. Bianchini, I. Chiaverini, D. Ostuni, F. Sacerdote

A comparison of rectified photography and orthophotography as applied to historic floors – with particular reference to Croughton Roman Villa
D.P. Andrews, N.J. Beckett, M. Clowes, S.M. Tovey

Digital close-range photogrammetry of statue-colonnes applied on the Tournai cathedral (Belgium)
P. Andries, C. Fasseur, J. Debie, R. Goossens, D. Devriendt

The relief of the Porta Palatina: a comparison between different survey methodologies and representations
P. Ardissone, L. Bornaz, M. Lo Turco, M. Vitali

A GIS for the management of historical and archaeological data
P. Ardissone, F. Rinaudo

RecorDIM task group 22 – from real to virtual… the potential for better recording a unique rock-art site in the Canadian Arctic
D. Arsenault

Peter Bernini in Calabria: the sculptures of the “SS. Pietro e Paolo Church” in Morano Calabro
G. Artese, V. Achilli, B. Boatto, M. Fabris, G. Salemi, A. Trecroci

A plan for archaeological excavation of Lystra (Zoldura Höyük)
H. Bahar, T. Çay, Ö. Koçak, F. Iscan

Georeferencing the historical maps of Rome between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
V. Baiocchi, K. Lelo

3D multiresolution representations in archaeological sites
C. Balletti, F. Guerra, A. Adami

Survey of modern architecture
C. Balletti, F. Guerra, S. Mander, M. Manzin

Architectural surface monitoring by means of the active vision system “AVS”
A. Balsamo, A. Chimienti, P. Grattoni, A. Meda, R. Nerino, G. Pettiti, M.L. Rastello, M. Spertino

The different methods to document and interpret the archaeological sites containing cart-ruts
L. Baratin, H. Bonnici, S. Curti, M. Lodi

3-D visualization and animation of architectonic elements for prehistoric megalithic temples of the island of Gozo: the temple of Ggantija
L. Baratin, G. Checcucci, S. Curti, M. Lodi, M. Romeo

Three-dimensional digital models for architecture’s documentation: badia di S. Agata in Catania
L. Barnobi, L. Colaiacovo, L. Andreozzi

Application of mapping plan with a non-deterministic algorithm for GIS querying
V. Barrile, F. Cotroneo, S. Ttringali

Topographic and photogrammetric studies of the bearing structures of the Cappella dei Principi of Florence
L. Bianchini, G. Bartoli, I. Chiaverini, F. Costantino, D. Ostuni

An integrated GPS and total station instrument for cultural heritage surveying: the Leica SmartStation example
A. Biasion, A. Cina, M. Pesenti, F. Rinaudo

Analysis of jpeg2000 quality in photogrammetric applications
A. Biasion, A. Lingua, F. Rinaudo

Integration of geomatic techniques for quick and rigorous surveying of cultural heritage
G. Bitelli, V.A. Girelli, M.A. Tini, L. Vittuari

Photogrammetric methods applied to the representation of curve facades: an experiment conduced onto Palazzo Carignano in Turin
R. Bonino, G. Gasco, A. Massa, S. Rossi

Laser technology for cross-section survey in ancient buildings: a study for S. M. Maggiore in Bergamo
V. Bonora, L. Colombo, B. Marana

3D data fusion and multi-resolution approach for a new survey aimed to a complete model of Rucellai’s chapel by Leon Battista Alberti in Florence
V. Bonora, G. Tucci, V. Vaccaro

The Naviglio of Martesana: a GIS to manage a protected area
M. Boriani, A. Cazzani, M. Giambruno

Non-metric camera calibration and documentation of historical buildings
R. Bosch, S. Külür, E. Gülch

Visiting archaeological sites with our mobile phones: the Agamemnon project
C. Bottaro, A. Traverso, M. Ancona

Planning a conservation project: the information system of the Insula Orientalis at Herculaneum
M. Brizzi, A. D’Andrea, D. Sepio, M. De Silva, S. Court

Applying NURBs modeling to reconstruction of a gothic-Flemish facade
K. Brukamp

International design competition for the refurbishment and enhancement of the Villa Reale in Monza. Thematical map: from clouds point to surface analysis. Cases study: salone d’onore, scalone and sala del trono
R. Brumana, C. Achille

From the guide of georeferencing cultural heritage for the map of risk (Regione Lombardia) to the georeferencing and troubleshooting in historical sites
R. Brumana, C. Achille, D. Oreni, F. Prandi

SIDART-a new integrated system for diagnostic of the cultural heritages
R. Brumana, F. Fassi, L. Fregonese, C. Monti, A. Potenza, L. ColizzI, F. De Pascalis

3D laser scanner points clouds and 2D multi-spectral images: a data matching software for cultural heritage conservation
R. Brumana, L. Fregonese, F. Fassi, F. De Pascalis

Laser scanner integrated by photogrammetry for reverse engineering to support architectural site and restoration of the mosaic floor inside St. Mark’s basilica in Venice
R. Brumana, C. Monti, G. Monti, E. Vio

Structuring 3D numeric cartography in GML3
R. Brumana, F. Prandi

Photogrammetric data base web share for knowledge and safeguard of the cultural heritage
O. Bucolo, E. Costa, D. Miron, G. Tucci

Real-time rendering in a PC-cluster environment provided by OpenSG
A. Bueschenfeld

Quick survey system
C. Campanella, M. Bondani, G.P. Toscani

Basilica of Saint Peter Martyr from Verona in S. Anastasia (Verona): structures geometric survey and photographic campaign for the preservation project
C. Campanella, M. Tessoni, S. Bortolotto, E. Ciocchini, F. Zangheri

Methods for dating historical buildings and verticality control of the baronale palace at Avio’s Castle (Tn)
C. Campanella, M. Tessoni, S. Bortolotto, A. Macchi

Survey and 3D modelling of Castel del Monte
A. Capra, D. Costantino, G. Rossi, M.G. Angelini, M. Leserri

Low cost digital photogrammetric techniques for 3D modelization in restoration works. A case study: St. Domingo de silos’ church (XIVth century, Alcala La Real, Spain)
J. Cardenal, E. Mata, M. Ramos, J. Delgado, M.A. Hernandez, J.L. Perez, P. Castro, M. Torres

Contemporary art in Milan squares. Knowledge and preservation
V. Castoldi

Inventory studies for tourism information system of Obruk Lake in Konya/Turkey
T. Çay, S. Inam, F. Iscan, H. Cagla

Establishing a digital platform for culture of Turkey
E. Çelenk, T. Özalp, F. Arikan, E. Aydin

Recording aboriginal rock art using cheap digital cameras and digital photogrammetry
J.H. Chandler, J.G. Fryer

Project of the restoration of Dretea church, XVIIth c
O. Ciocsan, S. Ciocsan, F. Rogneanu, D. Bogdea, V. Iasinschi

The drawing up of a database, the studying and the turning into good account of the wooden churches from the Gorj and Valcea counties, Romania
O. Ciocsan, S. Ciocsan, F. Rogneanu, V. Iasinschi, C. Tigae

The HATRA project. A proposal for the creation of database comprising the whole of the city’s archaeological records
L. Cordera, R. Ricciardi Venco

GIS for archaeological data management: the case of Santa Filitica, Sorso (SS), Sardinia
B. Costa, F. Fiori, E. Garau, D. Rovina

The survey of the baroque interior of the San Lorenzo church in Turin
C. Crescenzi, A. Magi, C. Porporato, F. Rinaudo

The archaeological information system of the underground of Rome: a challenging proposal for the next future
M. Crespi, L. De Vendictis, U. Fabiani, L. Luzietti, A. Mazzoni

Recovery of a building with receptive tourist purposes in the ancient center of Zungoli. The actuation process of the intervention program from the city to the building
M. Cristiano

3D Nasca’s zoomorphic geoglyphs reconstruction
A. Cuno, C. Esperança, P. Roma Cavalcanti

3D techniques for the survey of cultural heritages
S. D’Amelio, D. Emmolo, M. Lo Brutto, P. Orlando, B. Villa

Analysis from viability for industrial district implantation inside the environmental protection area using GIS
R.M. da Silva, M.R. Veronez, A.B. Thum, C.F. Do Carmo

Vernacular architecture. Identification, preservation and upgrading principles
F. De Filippi, R. Balbo

A new support for teaching and research in photogrammetry: the stereoscopic classroom
S. Dequal, A. Lingua

Automating the extraction of revolution objects from single laser scans of architectural scenes
M. Deveau, G. Letellier, N. Paparoditis

Geomatic for conservation: “the shadow and the reality” reading the sperimental and theoretic efforts of worldwide recognized genius: Leon Battista Alberti
M. Dezzi Bardeschi

Creation of a information system relating to the archives of “architectural sites”
C. Di Francesco, S. Bortolotto, E. Locatelli, M.C. Palo, C. Sangiorgio, R. Simonelli

P.I.C.A – portale informatico culturale delle alpi occidentali: a multidisciplinary and integrated project for cultural heritage
G. Di Gangi, C.M. Lebole, D. Demarchi, L. Nejrotti

3D laser scanners on archaeological excavations
M. Doneus, W. Neubauer

Advanced geometric modeling of historical rooms
P. Dorninger, C. Briese

Integration of multi-source spatial information and XML information system in underwater archaeology
P. Drap, A. Durand, R. Provin, L. Long

Full XML documentation from photogrammetric survey to 3D visualization. The case study of Shawbak Castle in Jordan
P. Drap, A. Durand, R., J. Seinturier, G. Vannini, M. Nucciotti

3DGIS-based digital reconstruction and dynamic visualization of timber-frame building cluster
Z. Du, D. Li, Y. Zhu, Q. Zhu

Landscape modelling and visualization in suburban areas: a case study
Z. Duran, O. Akçay, G. Toz, N.Z. Gulersoy

Applications of geographical information system (GIS) in the ancient town Kelenderis in Turkey
S. Durduran, A. Erdi

Studying the effect of some image enhancement features on the accuracy of close range photogrammetric measurements using CAD environment
M.A.B. Ebrahim

Photogrammetric documentation of an archaeological site (Palpa, Peru) using an autonomous model helicopter
H. Eisenbeiss, K. Lambers, M. Sauerbier, L. Zhang

A hierarchical 3D reconstruction approach for documenting complex heritage sites
S.F. El-Hakim, J.A. Beraldin, L. Gonzo, E. Whiting, M. Jemtrud, V. Valzano

Heritage documentation education: an international collaborative account
S. Elwazani

A programmed procedure for selecting measured survey methods
S. Elwazani, A. Fellah

The last of the world’s old Zeppelin hangars in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. Documentation of an engineering heritage
H. Erwes, W. S. Prado, C.A. Stelle

3D mapping of dark and complicated objects by rasterstereography
U. Ethrog

Interactive three-dimensional reconstruction and weathering simulations on buildings
P. Even, S. Gobron

Integrated surveying techniques for the archaeological park of Chan-Chan in Peru
G. Fangi, E.S. Malinverni, A. Schiavoni

Michelangelo’s David: historical images for the preservation of a masterpiece
G. Fastellini, S. Grassi, M. Marrucci, F. Radicioni

Multiscale three-dimensional surveying for conservation tasks: a pilot case for the fusion of range-scanning on archaeological sites
J.J. Fernández-Martin, J.I. Sanjosé, M. Gonzalo, J. Martínez, J. Finat

Multirresolution surveying of complex façades: a comparative analysis between digital photogrammetry and 3D laser scanning
J.J. Fernández-Martin, J.I. Sanjosé, J. Martínez, J. Finat

Comparison of terrestrial laser scanners in production of DEMs for Cetara Tower
M. Fiani, M. Siani

Exploiting the cultural heritage of the Piemonte Region
E. Fiorio Pla’, S. Greborio, D. Formento, L. Garretti

The laser scanner analysis and morfological transformation of environmental anthropized sites: the case study of Governolo’s ancient dams
L. Fregonese, F. Prandi, L. Taffurelli

Realtime 3D multimedia system for the distance visiting of cultural heritage. A case study on the Chamber Tombs in Via Crispi, Taranto
F. Gabellone, M.T. Giannotta

A virtual thematic museum of the Terra D’Otranto lighthouses based on a low cost methodology
F. Gabellone, A. Monte

The survey of decorative elements with laser scanner
M. Galizia, L. Andreozzi

Architectural, archaeologic and environmental restoration planning methodology: historic researches and techniques of survey aiming to conservation
R.A. Genovese

An alternative method for large scale orthophoto production
A. Georgopoulos, G.N. Makris, A. Dermentzopoulos

Integration of multi-source close-range data
M. Gianinetto, A. Giussani, F. Roncoroni, M. Scaioni

The cultural heritage protection and musealization without excavation: acquisition of new resources for archaeological sites
G. Gillani

Traditional and unconventional photogrammetric techniques for metrical documentation of cultural heritage: the example of the “Rolandino Dei Passaggieri” tomb (St. Domenico Square) survey in Bologna
V.A. Girelli, M.A. Tini, A. Zanutta

The laser scanner for archaeological survey: “Le Terme Dell’indirizzo” in Catania
A. Giuffrida, M. Liuzzo, C. Santagati, L. Andreozzi

Integrated 3D-database for diagnostics and documentation of Milan’s Cathedral façade
G. Giunta, E. Di Paola, B. Mörlin Visconti Castiglione, L. Menci

For the conservation of Lorenzo Nottolini’s aqueduct in Lucca: survey and representation of historic infrastructure
M.A. Giusti, G. Tucci

Current status and perspectives for the conservation, rehabilitation and documentation of the Cuban´s architectural heritage
G.S.H. González, R.B.D. Díaz, V. Mederos, R. Olivera

Data fusion from multiple sources for the production of orthographic and perspective views with automatic visibility checking
L. Grammatikopoulos, I. Kalisperakis, G. Karras, E. Petsa

Research of environmental adaptation of traditional building constructions and techniques in Nias
P. Gruber, U. Herbig

Modeling and visualization of landscape and objects using multi-resolution image data
A. Gruen, F. Remondino, L. Zhang

SIT for the conservation of Italian historical centre
G. Guarisco

A volumetric approach for 3D surface reconstruction
A. Guarnieri, A. Vettore, M. Pontin

The facades of gothic buildings in Venice: surveys verifying construction theories
F. Guerra, L. Pilot, P. Vernier

An e(x)tensible and modular historical documentation model: the “GeoHistoryPortal”
C. Guney, L. Thys-Senocak, N. Ulugtekin, D. Tomlin, R.N. Celik

Documentation of archaeological sites and monuments: ancient theatres in Jerash
N. Haddad, T. Akasheh

The use of satellite remote sensing for the management of cultural heritage sites in Cyprus
D.G. Hadjimitsis, K. Themistocleous, M. Ioannides

Representation of historical stratification in a church converted into a mosque
M. Hamamcioglu-Turan

Damage detection on building surfaces with multi-spectral techniques
M. Hemmleb, F. Weritz, C. Maierhofer

Development of an internet-based information system for archaeological research and studies on urban history in Baalbek/Lebanon
F. Henze, H. Lehmann, B. Fischer-Genz

Photogrammetric and geodetic documentation methods at St. Petri Cathedral, Bautzen
F. Henze, U. Wulf-Rheidt, D. Schneider, A. Bienert

Geographic information system for monitoring and conservation of the cultural landscape
R. Ientile, B. Astori, F. Chiabrando, M. Naretto

Standards in cultural heritage: the missing grammar for the digital documentation of the past
M. Ioannides, A. Georgopoulos, M. Scherer

Combination of laser scanner data and simple photogrammetric procedures for surface reconstruction of monuments
C. Ioannidis, N. Demir, S. Soile, M. Tsakiri

A comparison test of methods and techniques for the geometric recording of a Byzantine church
C. Ioannidis, C. Katopodi

Rapid manufacturing of sculptures replicas: a comparison between 3D optical scanners
L. Iuliano, P. Minetola

Access and usage of archaeological-architectural on-site findings with cartographic presentation methods
M. Jobst, O. Lubansky

Viewpoint-based search and browse of digital archive content
R. Kadobayashi

Estimation of camera parameters from stereo pairs with no external control information
I. Kalisperakis, G. Karras, E. Petsa

Extracting of stone plan of Harbour Street in Knidos ancient city
H. Karabork, F. Yildiz, M. Yakar, L. Karasaka, H.M. Yilmaz, R. Ozgan

Photogrammetric methods for restitution of small objects extracted by archaeological excavations
H. Karabork, F. Yildiz, M. Yakar, L. Karasaka, H.M. Yilmaz

Sophisticated use of virtual shapes of architecture + visualization of quality
W. Karel

Is it realistic to generate control points from a stereo pair?
G.E. Karras

Elimination of color fringes in digital photographs caused by lateral chromatic aberration
V. Kaufmann, R. Ladstädter

3D-reconstruction of small historical objects to exhibit in virtual museum by means of digital photogrammetry
S. Kulur, F. Yilmaztürk

Photogrammetry and image interpretation on the study of architectural and natural cultural heritage
M. Lazaridou, E. Patmios

RecorDIM task group 1 – principles & guidelines for recording, documentation and information management of the built cultural heritage
F. Leblanc

The GIS-based Historical Atlas of Rome
K. Lelo, C.M. Travaglini

Segmentation and filtering of laser scanner data for cultural heritage
J.L. Lerma, J.M. Biosca

3D reconstruction and modelling of architectural domes
J. L. Lerma, A. García, C. Pérez

Saving Voskopoja, complete photogrammetric coverage of three Albanian painted churches
T. Leroy

What is RecorDIM?
R. Letellier

3D reconstruction and simulating assembly of ancient Chinese timber-structure building
D. Li, T. Hong, Y. Zhu, J. Yang

Comparison of survey and representation techniques for architectural objects
A. Lingua, V. Todisco, G. Moglia

“3D laser” versus “stereo photogrammetry” for documentation and diagnosis of buildings and monuments (pro and contra)
S. Linsinger

The courtyards of the Seminario Arcivescovile and the University Of Turin: integrated survey techniques and representation methods
M. Lo Turco, M. Vitali

Documenting, identifying and protecting a late roman–byzantine fort at Tabus on the Euphrates
M. Lönnqvist, K. Lönnqvist, M.S. Whiting, M. Törmä, M. Nunez, J. Okkonen

Tracing new dimensions in the roman military organization of the eastern limes
M. Lönnqvist, K. Lönnqvist, M.S. Whiting, M. Törmä, M. Nunez, J. Okkonen

RecorDIM task group 3 – measured and drawn the understanding and application of metric survey to historic buildings
S. Lunnon, B. Blake

Documentation of the ancient village of Khoranagh for rehabilitation purpose: a preliminary report
A. Malian, M. Zolfaghari

The advantages of digital approach in architectural photogrammetry
G. Manea, A. Calin

Fountains, dated 1800 Palazzo Montalvo, dated 1565
M. Manto, M. Marconi, G. Celestini

Mobile mapping systems in cultural heritages survey
G. Manzoni, R.G. Rizzo, C. Robiglio

Decoration as a system. Survey and critical interpretation
A. Marotta

A coarse-to-fine curved approach to 3D surveying of ornamental aspects and sculptures in façades
J. Martínez, J. Finat, L.M. Fuentes, M. Gonzalo, A. Viloria

IMAP3D: low-cost photogrammetry for cultural heritage
J. Martínez Rubio, J. Gómez Lahoz, D. González Aguilera, J. Finat Codes

Orthoimage creating system for documentation of relics using ORTHOIMAGER 300
R. Matsuoka, H. Kobiki, M. Iwakura, A. Shirasawa, S. Murai

Tell spotting-surveying near eastern settlement mounds from space
B.H. Menze, J.A. Ur, A.G. Sherratt

Developing a multidimensional GIS framework for archaeological excavations
S. Merlo, C.A. Shell

Evolution of surveying practices in archaeology: a technical overview to introduce new management possibilities for cultural heritage data
É. Meyer, P. Grussenmeyer, J.P. Perrin

Revitalization of Kütahya’s CBD in Turkey
B. Minez, N. Erdogan, V. Dökmeci

The close range photogrammetry in the documentation of the rocks art. Study of case archaeological site Santinho Norte I – Sc/Brazil
A.A. Miranda Duarte, P. Von Altrock

An interdisciplinary research and site as a university teaching laboratory: the ‘continuous works’ of the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Milan
C. Monti, R. Brumana, C. Achille

Identification of historic methods of construction using digital photogrammetry and laser scanning
M. Murphy, E. Mcgovern, R. Olwill, S. Pavia

Combined high resolution laser scanning and photogrammetrical documentation of the pyramids at Giza
W. Neubauer, M. Doneus, N. Studnicka, J. Riegl

ASRix: a simple digital image rectifier
S. Nickerson, A. Chapiro

ASCix : a simple cataloguer for heritage data
S. Nickerson, R. Swan

Statistical comparison of photogrammetry close range equipments at low cost
R. Núñez, L. Ramil, M.L. Gil

Use of volumetric targets to improve accuracy in architectural photogrammetry at low cost
J. Ortiz, R. Núñez, T. Rego

Physical analysis techniques for identification of cultural heritage in the built environment
N. Paşaoğulları Şahin, B.O. Vehbi, M. Fasli

Modeling the Golden Madonna
J. Peipe, H.J. Przybilla

A combined system of digital photogrammetry and 3D laser scanning
N. Perfetti, A. Pellegrinelli, M.G. D’Urso, P. Russo

XML based data description for the photogrammetric documentation of historic buildings
G. Pomaska

The role played by the scientific techniques used in the examination and analyses of the mural painting of wooden Romanian churches
A. Popescu, D. Bogdea, . Giurginca, A. Popescu, S. Stoleriu

Documentation and development of the columns of the church of St. Charles in Vienna
C. Ressl, K. Kraus, W. Höppl

Integration of historical plans into a modern facility management system taking the Castle of Heidelberg as an example
K. Ringle, M. Nutto, O. Teschauer, C. Mohn

Survey and graphical representation in the Italian protection politics between the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries
E. Romeo

Integrated survey techniques for the study and the restoration of the archeological heritage
E. Romeo, G. Tucci

Data fusion for cultural heritage documentation: from the panoramic imaging to 3D laser scanning
G. Salemi, V. Achilli, D. Bragagnolo, A. Menin, F. Ruzzon

Quick photogrammetric systems applied to documentation of cultural heritage: the example of Aosta roman city wall
P. Salonia, A. Negri, L. Valdarnini, S. Scolastico, V. Bellucci

Urban lasermetry. Problems and results for surveying urban historical centres: some pilot cases of Spanish Plaza Mayor
J.L. Sanjosé, J. Finat, J.J. Fernández-Martin, J. Martínez, L.M. Fuentes, M. Gonzalo

Constructive tecniques of the historical centre of Zungoli. From the analysis of the ancient patrimony to the recovery methods
C. Sansone

Technological features in Greek fortifications in Sicily
F. Scalisi

Photo-tacheometry and intelligent scanning. An alternative to 3D-laser scanning
M. Scherer

Accuracy and application potential of the 94 megapixel RGB macro-scanning camera Pentacon Scan 5000
D. Schneider, M. Pötzsch, H.G. Maas

International stereoviews to save the world’s cultural heritage
W. Schuhr, E. Kanngieser

The last development of ARCHEONAV: an ogc compliant navigator for archaeological sites running on a pocketpc
A. Scianna, A. Ammoscato, R. Corsale, B. Villa

Stereoscopic visualization and database information retrieval
L. Sechidis, S. Sylaiou, P. Patias

A merging data tool for knowledge based photogrammetry: the case study of the Castle of Shawbak, Jordan
J. Seinturier, P. Drap, O. Papini, G. Vannini, M. Nuccioti

Cultural heritage 3D reconstruction using high resolution laser scanner: new frontiers data processing
M. Sgrenzaroli

Integrated survey techniques: need for redevelopment projects: experience of an Indian city Amritsar
B. Singh

High quality 3D reconstruction of complex cultural objects
M. Sormann, C. Zach, L. Zebedin, K. Karner

Preserving the architectural heritage by increasing the knowledge of the community: the case of the ancient church of San Pietro di Consavia In Asti
R. Spallone

Large scale spatial database supporting archaeological research
A. Spanò, C. Bonfanti

Visualization of frescos by means of photogrammetry and laser scanning
E. Stylianidis, P. Patias, C. Liapakis, V. Balis, G. Philotheou

Virtual museums: first results of a survey on methods and tools
S. Sylaiou, F. Liarokapis, L. Sechidis, P. Patias, O. Georgoula

A feasible methodology for the use of close range photogrammetry for the recording of archaeological excavations
F. Tack, J. Debie, R. Goossens, J. De Meulemeester, D. Devriendt

Design of a database system for geometric documentation
S. Tapinaki, A. Georgopoulos, T. Sellis

Photogrammetic modeling of Byzantine churches
V. Tsioukas, N. Tsirliganis, G. Pavlidis, F. Arnaoutoglou, C. Chamzas, E. Mpakourou, A. Mexia

Importance of color recordings during documentation process before conservation and restoration applications
R. Unver, C. Binan, S. Erdogan

Fusion of 3D information for efficient modeling of cultural heritage sites with objects
V. Valzano, A. Bandiera, J.A. Beraldin, M. Picard, S.F. El-Hakim, G. Godin, E. Paquet, M. Rioux

Using photogrammetric data for establishing 3D finite element model of a masonry aqueduct
M. Vatan, G. Arun

A 3D virtual model of the Gorizia downtown (Italy) by matching aerial and terrestrial surveying techniques
D. Visintini, B. Fico, F. Crosilla, F. Guerra

Historical, scientific and experimental researches aimed at finding new techniques and instruments to recover, preserve and manage the XXth century cultural heritage for future generations
R.M. Vitrano

Scientific monitoring and documentation of the Venaria Reale restoration sites
M. Volpiano, U. Zich

Close range photogrammetry in the documentation of the work of Silva Paes’ Brigadier, century XVIII
P. Von Altrock, C. Loch

Moiré contours for documenting petroglyphs at Montezuma Castle
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3D simulation and reconstruction of large-scale ancient architecture with techniques of photogrammetry and computer science
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Digital photogrammetric methods in documentation of cultural heritages and Beysehir example
M. Yakar, F. Yildiz

Photogrammetric silhouette study and Sille example
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Photogrammetric works on Boulakrates fountain in Knidos ancient city
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The windows of historical buildings in Kirklareli/Turkey: characteristics and present conditions
I. Yüksek, N. Erdogan

Documenting traditional architecture and settlement structure in eastern Indonesia – a base for determining indigenous livelihood system sustainability and durability of traditional housing structure in the case of natural catastrophes –
F.G. Zàmolyi, A. Zàmolyi

Photogrammetric documentation and analysis of Darius’ monument at Bisotu
M. Zolfaghari, N.N. Chegini, A. Malian